How to Read ‘The Woman in the Window’ Before the Netflix Movie Premieres

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After what feels like a lifetime of getting pushed back, The Woman in the Window is finally about to be released on Netflix. If you all remember, there’s been a lot of drama surrounding this film. It was initially supposed to be released in theaters back in October 2019. Then it got delayed to May 15, 2020 after test screenings determined the movie might need an edit or two. And then the pandemic happened, which meant the movie went MIA for a while. But hey, it’s back, and TBH, it actually looks… pretty good???

If you literally can’t wait until Friday to watch this movie, there’s something you can do in the meantime. The movie is actually based on a novel by A.J. Finn, and that book is widely available for purchase.

The book was actually published in January 2018, telling the story of a woman who’s terrified to leave her New York City house after getting into a traumatic car accident. While she’s busy heavily drinking and talking to other recluses on online chat rooms, she witnesses her neighbor across the street being stabbed.

As is with every murder mystery, the book comes with suspects providing shady alibis, detectives not totally believing anyone’s stories, and a plot twist which, quite frankly, you’ll probably see coming about a third of the way through the novel. (FWIW, there was a big controversy surrounding the book and its author in 2019, but that’s another post for another day.)

Look, we’d love to sit and give you all the details, but let’s face it—we shouldn’t have to explain it to you. Just pick up the novel for yourself and see what made Hollywood decide to make this into a movie. And who knows? Maybe you’ll learn not to trust anyone looking through windows…

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