Hilton Carter’s New Line At Target Is What’s Going to Elevate Your Home Gardening Game


We all love the look of plants, but some of us have serious green thumbs, while there are others that couldn’t keep a cactus alive. Well, no matter how talented you are when it comes to plant care, you’re going to be obsessed with this new line. Plant and interior stylist Hilton Carter has a new line at Target, and it’s everything your home needs. There are both live and faux indoor plants to shop, as well as planters and gardening accessories, and it will add the touch of greenery any space could use.

You can shop real plants in store, but the fake plants are available online, and honestly, nobody’s going to know. These plants look so real, and there’s no watering required, so even the least confident gardeners will proudly show off their mahogany trees. Keep on reading to shop the collection!

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