Here’s How to Get the Cool Surround TV Backlighting Setup That’s Trending on TikTok

Backlighting your entertainment setup is the latest home improvement trend we’ve been loving while staying at home. We’ve been glued to our TVs binge-watching our way through all the streaming services and might as well have the ultimate entertainment setup. TikToker @huesofparker took backlighting his entertainment setup to a whole new level using the Philips Hue line — and it’s gone viral. This entertainment backlighting setup seamlessly blends with the colors of the TV, giving you a unique surround lighting experience. How cool is that?! His entertainment setup has a total of ten bulbs placed strategically at different angles and levels. However, you only need three products to achieve this effect, the Philips Hue Play Sync Box, the Philips Hue Bridge, and the Philips Play Gradient Lightstrip.

Philips Hue has a variety of lighting options so you can create and personalize your smart lighting setup. Whether you want to revamp your whole room or want to focus on the TV area, we rounded up the best options so you can easily upgrade. Pick and choose the best ones for your space to get the coolest, seamless surround lighting for your entertainment center.

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