Hello, Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend Is Here


What’s happening: Today, the Sun is squaring off with expansive Jupiter, giving you a big boost of energy and making today’s vibe more emotional. Tomorrow, Mercury and hazy Neptune square off, creating a vague, dreamy mindset. On Sunday, the Moon enters sensual Scorpio, and on Tuesday, it enters upbeat Sagittarius. On Wednesday, there’s a big lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, strongly (really strongly!) encouraging you to let go of your old habits and become more open-minded. Finally, on Thursday, Venus squares off with Neptune.

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What that means for you:


Where on earth is all this energy coming from?! You’re feeling especially upbeat and confident this weekend, and having a total blast. This boost of motivation is great for shooting your shot or surprising bae with something kinky in bed, but you risk being a little pushy. Variety is the spice of life, but if your crush/date is not down to clown around, you gotta respect that.


You’re feeling energized this weekend, but unfortunately, it’s because you’re busy slaying it at the office—sure, the potential extra cash will be fun, but there’s just not a ton of time to focus on love. Wait until Sunday, when the Moon in Scorpio is in your chart’s relationships zone. This is great for dating, hooking up, or just spending quality time with bae, and Tuesday’s Sagittarius Moon in your chart’s intimacy zone is reeaaally great for life in the bedroom! Just one thing—the vague, weird vibe on Thursday makes it miscommunications likely. If you’re in a solid LTR, don’t worry, but if you’re in a situationship or flirting, try your best to not send mixed signals.


HBD! Enjoy your birthday weekend, Gemini—there’s tons of exciting, high-energy vibes coming from the stars, and you’re able to look good, feel great, and have tons of fun! You’re in the spotlight this weekend, Gemini, so get dolled up, slide into your crush’s DMs, and have fun fooling, because the eclipse in your chart’s relationships zone on Wednesday is sure to bring major changes to your love life. This is just one of several relationship-related eclipses for you coming up, so know that the new connections and sudden breakups/makeups that happen now will have long-lasting significance!


Gemini season’s not always the most fun time of year for you, and this weekend’s no exception—there’s just not a ton going on! The week starts off with a Scorpio Moon in your chart’s romance/sex/fun zone, so there’s potential for a quickie or two, but that’s short-lived. Be flexible on Wednesday! The eclipse is defs going to shake up your usual routine, and you might need to take an alternate route to work or have to meet with unexpected people, but hey—one of these new connections, or someone you meet when you’re taking the ~scenic route~ could be your next potential S.O.!


This weekend’s vibe is playful, flirty, and fun—exactly how you like it—and it’s easier than ever to find a cutie to hook up with, or arrange a first date with your latest Tinder match! You’ll likely have gathered a collection of potential paramours by the time this week starts, but the light-and-airy vibe gets cut short on Wednesday, when you’re asked to take your love life a little more seriously. Having your pick of hookups is tons of fun, but if you’re in the market for something with more longevity, you’re being pushed to decide who the right person for you is, and start working on something serious with them, and them alone!


This is a critical weekend for your love life, Virgo. Think about your relationship goals—are you single and ready to mingle? Are you happily boo’d up and wanting to take things to the next level? Or are you stuck in a crappy relationship and desperate to get out of it? Expect a very emotional time, because this week has tons of potential for sublime romance, or downright heartbreak. Keep it real with yourself and figure out what actions you need to take or what conversations you need to start to give your relationship the glow up it needs. Don’t let your heart overwhelm your head—just because you really, really like someone doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily your best fit.


Since you’re literally the sign of relationships, you have an innate ability to flirt, connect with people, and make the most of the time you spend with your special someone (in and out of bed)—but this week, something’s just not working. You need to change your approach! Instead of using the same five pickup lines, come up with something original. If life in the bedroom is boring, tell your partner you want to flex your dominant side. Sticking with your old ways won’t do you many favors this week, Libra—get out of your comfort zone!


This upcoming weekend is an extremely erotic one, Scorpio, and your sex life is being set on fire! Sex physically feels way more tactile and sensual, and you’re feeling deeply, emotionally connected with your partner. This is ideal if you’re happily boo’d up, because you’re able to do some serious relationship-building while also having a ball boinking your boo, but if you’re single, there could be trouble! You’re horny, but don’t settle for the first cutie that hits you up, because catching feelings for your fling is basically a guarantee with this astro-weather!

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What is it about your partner that makes you feel passionate? If you can’t quickly come up with an answer, this week’s rough astro-weather is here to help you understand why. You’re a thrill seeker, yet you’ve somewhat allowed your love life to become stale. Yes, I said it—you have allowed your love life to become stale. You’re not afraid to make the changes you want to your relationship, but you have a surprising lack of receptiveness to your partner. I’m not trying to shade you, Sag, but this week, you’re understanding that your partner has some changes they want to make, but haven’t been able to vocalize. Show them that you’re eager for their input and enthusiastic about trying what they need, and you can make some serious moves in your love life this week.


You’ve been on the clock lately, so your love life’s probably dried up a bit. I have bad news—that’s not likely to change this week. In fact, you’re more likely to run into an ex or past flame than you are to meet someone new, thanks to the eclipse on Wednesday! You might have to approach your love life like it’s a chore, because there’s a lot of tidying up to do, Capricorn. Use this time to deal with the past and give yourself a clean slate. Oh, and JSYK—that cute new coworker/colleague you just met isn’t that into you, buddy. Sorry!


Since Gemini season’s vibes are lighting up your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun, you can expect this to be a nice week! Not only are you feeling bold and confident—perfect for shooting your shot or starting The Talk—but you’re also able to shed your usual fear of rejection. Asking someone out or flirting with someone sexy can lead to magnificent results this week, Aquarius. Don’t be afraid to cast a wide net, either! This is a time all about trying new things (and people) in your love life. Enjoy!


Life at home is really taking over, whether you’re dealing with family drama, spending more time with your roomies, or just being a total couch potato. This is a time to relax and unwind, Pisces, not for putting yourself out there. You need a partner that you can just relax with. Someone you can take home and snuggle, or someone who’s cool with a Netflix and chill sesh as opposed to going on some fancy date. Your space needs to be a no-stress zone this week, so if you can include your special someone, great! But if not, then don’t expect too much action to come your way.

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