Hello, Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend Is Here


What’s happening: Tonight, the Moon is in its favorite sign, Cancer, starting off the weekend with an emotional vibe. On Saturday, Mars and Saturn form an awkward quincunx, making you feel horned up—but making it rather difficult to get lucky. On Monday, the Sun and Pluto harmonize, helping you to feel empowered and urging you to make positive, constructive changes in your life. On Wednesday, Saturn and Venus hook up, encouraging you to take things slow with your special someone. Finally, on Thursday, Gemini season 2021 officially begins!

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If your usual methods aren’t working, you gotta change things up, Aries. Your bold, rash sensibilities make it easy-peasy to go for what you want, but lately, people have been getting a little turned off by your over-the-top approach. Take things slow and think before you slide into your crush’s DMs. Wait for someone who meets your standards to come along. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and even if none of them bite this week, don’t worry! Gemini season is all about making new connections, so your next potential boo is right around the corner.


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It’s the final week of Taurus season, so you better make the most of the good vibes! This weekend, you’re feeling more proactive. You tend to stay in your own lane and wait for others to approach you, but try to get out of your comfort zone! TBH, it’s the only way you have any chance of getting lucky rn. Sure, it’s not fun to take a leap of faith, but you’d be surprised at how many stellar changes you can make to your love life just by starting a conversation this week.


Your b-day season starts at the end of the week, bringing you the beginning of a new cycle—but you have to close a few doors before opening any new ones. Past relationships still have a hold over you, Gemini, and before you can give your love life the glow-up it needs, you have to build a bridge and get over them. Start a conversation, find closure, or cut crappy people off for good this week. Work hard now and you can party even harder when Gemini season begins!


Your tendency to stay holed up in your crab shell is holding you back from having a fun, exciting love life. You tend to seek out meaningful, significant, long-term relationships—but if you don’t put yourself out there, you can’t establish these connections that you crave. This week, you’re being strongly encouraged to just go for it. Someone who you really, really want seems to be just out of reach. You can’t keep waiting on them, so take this weekend to plan your next move. Monday’s your lucky day, so shoot your shot! You don’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity!


Saturn, the planet of blockages, is lighting up your chart’s relationships zone right now—so if your love life’s been drier than the Mojave desert, that’s why. The lesson that the stars are trying to teach you this week is about abandoning your old ways and learning to work with your partner, or if you’re single, try something new to better your love life. If sex seems dull, try to introduce something (or someone) new to the bedroom. If you haven’t been able to score any dates lately, try logging out of your dating apps and asking a friend to set you up. Relationships require work, Leo. Stop waiting for your partner to adapt to your wants and needs—it’s time to make a change.


If you’re looking for a fling, this weekend’s great for turning a friend into a FWB. But if you’re looking for something more serious, this week’s astro-weather is perfect! Pluto, the planet of transformation, is activating your charts romance/sex/fun zone (its influence is strongest on Monday), helping you feel more empowered when it comes to making changes to your love life. You know exactly what you want and exactly how to get it! The only risk is that you might be a little obsessive about the object of your affection, so make sure you’re not too over the top.


A lot of this week’s astro-weather is pushing you to let loose and just have fun, but (there’s always a but!) Saturn, the planet of constriction, is in your way. How can you mediate these two conflicting energies? You’re the sign of balance, so it should be easy—Saturn governs consequences and restrictions, but it also governs safety and structure. If you’re just trying to hook up with someone cute, you can do it safely—maybe not meeting up IRL by giving sexting or phone sex a whirl. If you’re trying to DTR, think very carefully about how you want to start The Talk. This week, you’re learning that a little mindfulness and preparation can go a loooooooong way.


You’re feeling uncharacteristically eager to open up and pursue someone special this week, Scorpio, and ya know what? You can take that energy and make some serious upgrades to your love life! You’re a water sign, so you’re super intuitive, and you just know when someone else is interested in you. If you’re crushing hard and think that the other person has heart-eyes for you too, hit ‘em up! All you need to do is follow your gut instinct this week, Scorpio—you got this!

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We’ve all been there—you’re flirting with someone and they catch feelings way too fast, or you go on a pretty meh date but the other person thinks that you’re perfect for each other. This weekend, you’re likely to face one of these scenarios, and it’s up to you to handle things the right way. That means no ghosting, no standing them up, none of that—just tell them that you’re not interested! Otherwise, this ex-potential paramour will continue to blow up your spot and honestly just annoy the crap out of you. Gemini szn = cuffing season for you, so it’s time to clear your plate of any unwanted admirers.


Sexual tension can be fun—the butterflies you get whenever you’re around someone is an amazing feeling, but when that tension is never relieved, it can be the most frustrating thing in the world. You and someone special are really clicking this week, but unless you do something about it, you’re gonna be left feeling sexually frustrated and bored. I’m not saying you have to profess your love to anyone, but just show them that you’re into them, too. You’re very hard to read, but even adding a little 😏😜😍 to a text will give them the green light to shoot their shot, and you can make some real magic happen!


Sorry babe, but this weekend’s aaaaallllll about work, and your love life’s definitely taking the back seat rn. It’s pretty stressful, NGL, and it’s emotional too—you risk get super frustrated and taking it out on your partner, so try to be a little mindful so you can avoid any unnecessary drama. That being said, Venus is lighting up your chart’s romance/sex/fun zone this week, so after life on the job cools down, finding someone sexy to fool around with is a total breeze. PS: Gemini season starts Thursday, activating that same ~fun~ zone of your chart for an entire month!


You’re the most emotional sign, and when it comes to love, you’re all-or-nothing. You’ll find the hottest hookup ever, think “oh my god, this is my soul mate,” then get totally heartbroken when you find out they’re just looking for a fling. You might be looking for fun, but not really clarify that to your hookup, then act totally baffled (maybe even upset) when they tell you they’re catching feelings. You can have your cake and eat it too, Pisces, but this week’s encouraging you to focus on being honest with your partner. How can you get who/what you want in your love life? Pro tip: Start by communicating. You got this!

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