Get Ready, Because Virgo Season Is Bringing Back-to-School Energy


Leo season was a blast, but now it’s time to clean up the mess from your month of partying. On August 22, the Sun leaves flamboyant Leo and zooms into orderly Virgo. For the next month, you’re meant to focus and get practical. The earth signs Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn are thriving during Virgo season, while mutable signs Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces are having a more intense time.

Virgo season can feel like a letdown after the party-all-the-time vibes of Leo season, but it’s absolutely splendid for transitioning from summer to autumn. If you’re going back to school, this is the time to buy all of your textbooks and school supplies. If you’re not a student, it’s a great time to finish out any big projects that need completing. Yes, this month can be a lot of work, but it’s necessary so that you’re fully prepared for what’s coming next.

With the Sun in Virgo, you’re becoming more orderly, organized, and detail-focused, no matter your zodiac sign. Take some time to clean your entire house, or at least tidy up your desk. Look at your schedule and adjust your daily routine so that you’re living in a more productive way. This is also a great time to work on your health, so get active! Spend less on takeout, and more on groceries! The healthy habits you set now will last a long, long time.

There are two big problems with Virgo season, however. First, Virgo is known for its practical, even harsh nature, so it’s difficult to connect with others in an emotional way. You could come off as insensitive or even downright cold when it comes to your relationships, so try to exercise compassion and sympathy when you can. Second, you risk hyper-fixating on all the teeny tiny little problems in your life instead of looking at the big picture. Perfection is a great goal, but it’s the enemy of what’s good enough. Don’t be afraid to take a step back and focus on everything that’s going well.

This is the season of becoming organized, working hard, and getting your shit together! Have fun, and don’t work too hard.

Read your Sun/Rising sign horoscopes for Virgo season:


The theme of your month is busy work. You have stacks and stacks of reports to finish, your to-do list is miles long, and you feel crushed by it all. Suck it up, Aries! Tidy up, get organized, and you’ll be amazed at how easy your life will become as a result.


How can you learn to love the work you do? This month is helping you figure out just that. Even if you work the most boring, mundane job in the world, you’re still able to put your own little ~flair~ on things and turn out results that you’re proud of. This month also activates your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun, so you get to fool around and flirt a little.


This Virgo season is lighting up your chart’s zone of family and home life, so you’re staying inside way more right now. Redecorate! Tidy up! Work on your relationship with your parents or roommates! You’re able to turn your house into a home right now.


The practical, serious nature of Virgo season is helping to balance your usually emotional, moody tendencies, and you’re able to find a sense of equilibrium. You’re thinking more clearly and able to express your thoughts and feelings better. Essentially, it’s way easier to connect with others on a variety of levels. Say what you need to say!


Well, Leo season’s over right now, and you’re no longer in the spotlight, babe. It’s time to focus and get back to work. You’re capable of doing a beautiful job completing this project, and getting your just rewards as a result. You’re able to truly slay at the workplace, and when you do, don’t be surprised if a bonus comes your way! Then, you can treat yourself to something nice as a reward.


Happy birthday!!! It’s your time to shine! Everyone’s vibing at the same level as you, and you’re thriving over the next month. What big jobs, projects, or relationships do you want to perfect? Who and what is most important to you? Focus on those. Work hard, give it your best shot, and you can turn the good parts of your life into great parts of your life.


Okay Libra, here’s the thing…you’re not getting too much action right now. You’re not starting any new jobs and you don’t have time to meet new people—you’re too busy working on past jobs, past projects, and past relationships. The things you never got closure from are coming back around, and you need to either cut things off, or reintroduce them to your life wholeheartedly. That way, you’ll have a clean slate and you can start Libra season baggage free!


You’re an absolute social butterfly this month, Scorpio! You’re spending time with your pals, making new connections, and having a great time in the process. But this month isn’t all sunshine and rainbows—you’re being asked to approach your social life from a more practical perspective. Keep your besties around, but if you have any toxic buddies or situationships that aren’t too great, now’s the time to cut them out.


All eyes are on you, especially when it comes to life on the job! It’s important you’re orderly, attentive, and present in the workplace, because there’s a lot of work coming your way. Don’t stress! Put your best foot forward, get all that work done, and you’ll be given all of the recognition and rewards you deserve—you might even get a promotion!


Your sign has a stereotype of being close-minded, and while I wouldn’t agree with that 100%, you do have a tendency to be stubborn with your views. It’s time to cut it out, Capricorn. Loosen up. Listen to others more. Be flexible and open to differing opinions. This month is all about opening your mind and broadening your perspectives so it’s important to connect with a wide variety of people and learn from them. It’s also an amazing time to experience the world around you in a totally brand new way!


People may have called you cold, aloof, or robotic (and that’s on a good day), but this Virgo season is all about diving deep and getting in touch with your feelings—all of your feelings. This especially applies to your relationships. This is a month where being with your boo feels more erotic and intimate, making it much easier to focus on the emotional side of your relationship. But if you’re single, catching feelings for a hookup is nearly guaranteed.


Virgo season activates your chart’s zone of relationships, so you can consider this next month to be your own personal cuffing season! It’s much easier to get along with people, collaborate with coworkers, and link up with new connections. Any time you’re with your bestie or your boo, or even a business partner, is time well spent this month.

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