Gemini Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF March 15 – 2 1, 2021

Snappy style is in your zodiac DNA, Gemini. And starting this Monday, March 15, you’ll have more reason to dial up that sartorial flair—this time, with a sophisticated twist. Your ruler, expressive Mercury, zips into Pisces and activates your tenth house of success and status until April 3. If you’re not ready to give up your most comfortable joggers yet, embrace the “Zoom mullet” as your new uniform. Add breezy silk blouses, tailored blazers and, if industry-appropriate, colorful prints to your “business on top” half. We are visual people and what you wear signals a lot about who you are in the world. We wish it wasn’t the case that people judged a book by its cover, but when it comes to professional matters, you want to be a leatherbound classic not a dogeared paperback for the coming few weeks.

Since Mercury directs your social interactions, being part of an elite club or membership can also help to up your game—and yes, they do exist in the virtual space. Without being TOO results-obsessed, treat all interactions as potential business deals, keeping your ears perked for win-wins. Explore shared values with colleagues and steer conversations toward common goals. Have your “elevator pitch” rehearsed and ready to deliver. Can you describe your passion project in three sentences or less? While it’s easy for you to gush with enthusiasm, you’ll need to outline the benefits to others. That’s what will create a true win-win.

If you’ve been burning the midnight oil, the burden lifts starting Saturday, when the Sun touches down in Aries and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. As a rule, two heads are better than one—especially when you’re born under the sign of the Twins. But even the zodiac’s doppelganger can periodically forget this, as you drive yourself to perfection and try to DIY it all. As you cast for a supergroup between now and April 19, assemble a powerful collective of individuals rather than a homogenous crew of backup dancers. If you already have your soul squad assembled, crank up the action. What do you need to do to get the shared mission accomplished? Either schedule regular check-ins or delegate that responsibility to someone who likes managing. You won’t have to act like Officer Gemini if you cast well. The right people will be self-motivated and actually WANT to contribute.

Sunday brings more social momentum as vivacious Venus swings into Aries, joining the Sun there until April 14. We’re not gonna lie, Gemini, the six-feet rule could be a struggle for the coming few weeks. If you can create a small, incubated group for hangouts—or add a couple trustworthy souls to the mix—you won’t hold back at organizing everything from road trips to hikes with a picnic at the trailhead. If you’ve been too busy to post, now’s the time to increase your social media presence. Get savvier about Reels, TikTok, YouTube…whatever platform is speaking to your 2021 vision. Ask a friend to show you some new apps or hacks, and if you’re due for an upgrade—with your software or devices—investigate and plan to invest in your advancement.

Careful where you swing that truth hammer on Sunday. You may be all fired up to read someone the riot act—which would certainly feel good in the moment—but is it worth burning any potential bridges over? Sure, you can fall back on the old “honesty is the best policy” rationale, but you need to be strategic, as impulsive Mars in your sign aligns with circumspect Saturn in your unfiltered ninth house. Before you stick your foot deep into your mouth, conjure a worst-case scenario. Even if your assumptions and assessments are accurate, your boss, bestie or bae probably won’t appreciate being confronted about their shortcomings. You can always put everything in an email—that you never send—or vent to a close friend or sibling. This can get you out of the mental loop and release the negativity that’s building up. This “should I or shouldn’t I?” confusion may affect other areas, leaving you uncertain whether to hit the gas or the brake. You could also struggle to maintain momentum on something time-consuming. Rather than rely on caffeine, you may find it more helpful to stay focused on the greater goal—and the reward that awaits you when it’s done.

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