Finally, Here’s Where to Buy Cute Rugs on a Budget

John Francis

A rug can completely transform a room— no, seriously. Other than elevating the decor, it can make a space quieter, give a home a ~homier vibe~, and even make a room feel more inviting. That’s why finding the perfect area rug is an essential piece of home decor. The one drawback: Some rugs tend to be a liiiiiittle harsh on the wallet, and IDK about you, but I ain’t made of money. So, obvi I had to figure out a solution. In all of my research, I found where to buy cheap rugs online that are guaranteed to give you the best bang for your buck.

Are you in the market for a statement rug? I gotchu. What about a more traditional look? Check! A small, large, or outdoor rug? Done, done, and done. Below, I’ve compiled a list of retailers that have it all, from brands you oughta know to some tried-and-true retailers you probably didn’t realize have great rugs. So go ahead and check out the thousands of options from the sites, below.

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for one *we* designed

Wayfair x CosmoLiving by Cosmopolitan

Zaya Geometric Gray Area Rug


Wayfair is so awesome that we had to partner up! Check out CosmoLiving and our rug selection. At Cosmo, we know nobody wants to drop their entire paycheck on essential pieces, so we gotchu.  


For a go-to Option


KOLDBY Cowhide


IKEA is the OG when it comes to chic furniture and home decor pieces at a budget-friendly price. It would be a shame if you didn’t at least take a peek. 


for a new rug *and* a new top

H&M Home

Wool-Blend Rug


Next time you find yourself shoppin’ for some clothes, pop on over to the home decor section at H&M. You’ll thank me later. 


for A statement piece


Chalos Sunset Rug by Justina Blakeney® X Loloi


If you’re lookin’ for a statement piece, consider opting for a fun rug from Jungalow. The one shown here can totally transform your space. And P.S. Don’t worry about breaking the bank, here. You can snag a high-quality rug for a relatively affordable price. 


for a Tried-and-true option


Artistic Weavers Hapsburg Beige Area Rug


$222.00 (42% off)

Amazon has literally everything at insanely affordable prices, including rugs. Oh, and there’s Prime two-day shipping.  Need I say more? 


for An accent rug

Bolé Road Textiles

Bana Rug


If you’re looking for a small accent rug, check out these handwoven beauties, which you can snatch up for under $200.


for a million different options

Rugs USA

Pink Vintage Moroccan Area Rug


At Rugs USA, you’ll find an endless amount of options for $$$-friendly prices. But don’t just take my word for it, listen to the over one million (!!!) happy customers.


for A pretty pattern

Resident Home

Jewel Tone Area Rug


This place has it all—including, yes, some for a few thousand bucks. But look around a little, and some of the best-sellers turn out to be ridiculously cheap. 


for one with a name that speaks for itself

Georgia Rug


I mean, they call themselves, so they have to know what they’re talkin’ about, right? 


for the best bang for your buck


nuLOOM Transitional Area Rug


At Overstock, you can find *so many* pieces that are closeout merchandise, meaning that they have to price them low in order to sell. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean they skimp out on quality. It just means you’re getting a good deal.


for an unexpected find

Home Depot

StyleWell Sunbrooke Rug


Don’t sleep on Home Depot—I promise they offer a lot more than just hammers and nails. I mean they have an entire section of rugs under $50 and $100


for A Place that’s got it all

Bed Bath & Beyond

Unique Loom Salle Garnier Sofia Rug


If you’re in need of a trendy or classic piece at a nice price, look no further. Bed Bath & Beyond has both chic and traditional styles. 

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