Everything You Need to Know About Eclipse Season


Eclipse season hits twice a year (once in the spring/summer and once in the fall/winter), and things can get eventful. First up in 2021 is the period between May 26 and June 10, and even if the Sun and Moon look totally chill—eclipses aren’t visible to the eye from every location on Earth—you’ll be able to feel something happening.

See, eclipses occur when the Sun, Earth, and Moon align in the sky on or close to the North and South Nodes, two mathematical points in the Moon’s orbit that have a lot to do with your (stay with me) karmic destiny. Meaning, eclipses represent a time when people tend to take giant leaps forward in their lives, for better or for worse.

They affect everyone, but you’ll get an extra dose of cosmic energy if one aligns with a point or planet in your birth chart. This particular season’s eclipses are happening in Sagittarius and Gemini, so open your fave astrology app now: If you have a major placement like your Sun, Moon, or Rising in one of these signs—surprise! Your late spring/early summer is going to be major. Yes, that could mean something like a devastating breakup.But it could also mean a sudden elopement or a spiritual epiphany or a book deal. Remember that change can be good. You got this!

—By Adama Sesay (@LilithAstrology)

PSA: Do Not Charge Your Crystals Right Now!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (lol), you know that crystals are powerful manifestation tools. They’re like energetic flash drives that store your intentions, hopes, and wishes. Usually, you can “reset” them (aka wipe away old vibes) by leaving them outside under the velvety darkness of the New Moon and “charge” them (aka amp up their power) by doing the same beneath the illumination of the Full Moon.

However! This does not apply during eclipses. When the Sun or Moon is obstructed, it isn’t functioning normally (as you also already know from reading everything else on these pages). If your crystals accidentally download an eclipse’s chaotic, volatile, and unpredictable energy, your manifestations will get mixed with a heavy dose of mayhem—a freaky concoction that no one wants.

—By Aliza Kelly (@AlizaKelly)

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Your Eclipse Season Horoscope


Your social life is getting a glow-up, especially around the solar eclipse on June 10. You’ll be making new connections and *wiggles eyebrows* connections.


Sry, Taurus, but all these eclipses are activating your chart’s debt zone. Do some schmoozing so that you can get stacks on stacks in the future!


The lunar eclipse on May 26 suggests…the end of a relationship. This could mean a breakup or it could mean upgrading your S.O. into a fiancé.


Hi, lil crab, the eclipses are bringing up unfinished biz from the past—especially re: relationships. Time to find closure and let shit go.


All this activity in Gemini (esp the solar eclipse) is making you even more popular than usual, and people are Eating! It! Up! Time to thrive and enjoy!


Congrats, Virgo, you’re linking up with all the hotties after along dry spell. But these eclipses are making work so busy that you risk neglecting your home life.


Work-life balance, what’s that? Find some, bc the solar eclipse could bring a raise or promotion and you don’t want to be too burned out for the opportunity.


You and bae are getting closer, thanks to the solar eclipse in your chart’s intimacy zone. If you’re single, your next boo is probs not your usual type, and that’s okay!


Incoming: major relationship changes. Like, you’re either breaking up or spontaneously taking a road trip toVegas and getting married by Elvis. Congrats either way.


This is your cuffing season, but the Gem astro weather(including the solar eclipse) is all work. Ew, but maybe you’ll end up with a cute coworker?


The solar eclipse in Gemini means that romance feels even better than usual, so you’re basically starring in Bridgerton now. Skip the mini bangs tho, k?


So…you might need to move (likely for work) or you might have a blowout fight with your roomies or family. Bright side: Jupiter is making you extra lucky right now.

—By Jake Register (@JakesAstrology)

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