Entrepreneurship in crises – Brothers from Austria show how it’s done.

Entrepreneur Josef Leutgeb doesn’t seem to know the word “crisis”. Instead of complaining, he took action with his brother and became a mask manufacturer.

The COVID crisis has changed many things – including the demand for masks. Resourceful Austrian Josef Leutgeb recognized the need and, as a stranger to the industry, started a mask production business in 2020. He bought a mask machine and created the right production environment in a matter of weeks.

Hermetex GmbH, has now been producing masks since 2020.

Today, 2 years later, the two Leutgeb brothers make sales in the millions and export as far as South Africa.

In addition to masks, we now also have disinfection, special cleaners and industrial lubricants in our product range. Say Roland and Josef Leutgeb.

This shows that through flexibility and the courage to take risks, projects can be implemented even in crises and that they can survive successfully even beyond the crisis.

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