“Efforts” Have Been Made to “Protect” Prince Philip From Fallout Over Sussexes’ Oprah Interview

Prince Philip was recently released from the hospital after a full month, and it looks like he’s unaware of the fallout from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s explosive Oprah interview.

According to royal reporter Katie Nicholl, “The family are very keen that he’s not aware of the full extent of the interview.” Of course, it’d be “impossible for him to completely avoid it,” due to the many articles both in print and online, but Nicholl tells 9Honey that “efforts were made to protect him from the full force of the fallout.”

The royals have been in touch with the Sussexes following their explosive chat with Oprah—in which they opened up about how unsupported they were by the palace, how Meghan’s mental health struggles were dismissed by senior courtiers, and how a member of the royal family voiced racist “concern” over Archie’s skin color when Meghan was pregnant.

The royals clearly have a lot of explaining to do, but according to Gayle King, the conversations haven’t been particularly productive. “I did actually call them to see how they were feeling, and it’s true, Harry has talked to his brother and he has talked to his father too,” she said on CBS This Morning. “The word I was given was that those conversations were not productive. But they are glad that they have at least started a conversation.”

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Gayle also expressed that Meghan and Harry “want healing” and that “at the end of the day, that is Harry’s family” but confirmed that “no one in the royal family has talked to Meghan yet, at this particular time.” Considering what she went through during her time living in England, this seems pretty inexcusable, so hopefully she’ll be included in reconciliation conversations from here on out.

You love all the deets on the royals. So do we! Let’s overanalyze them together.

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