Dr. Dre Seeks Legalization of Single Status Amid Ongoing Nasty Divorce


In the bifurcation request filed by his attorney Laura Wasser, the ‘Detox’ rapper accuses estranged wife Nicole Young of purposely ‘dragging her feet’ when he tried to settle their divorce.

Dr. Dre is ruling out any possibility of reconciliation with his estranged wife. Around nine months after Nicole Young made legal move to end their over 20 years of marriage, the music mogul was reported to have made a request to be awarded with a single status by a judge.

Laura Wasser, an attorney for Dre, was recently uncovered to have filed a motion for bifurcation. Should the request be granted, the former co-owner of Death Row Records will be granted a dissolution of his marriage while working out on other aspects of his divorce settlement.

The documents, obtained by TMZ, further revealed that the “Detox” rapper claimed that his divorce battle with his estranged wife “has gotten to the point of no return.” He blamed it on her “false allegations of domestic violence.”

Elsewhere in the court documents, Dre further accused Nicole of purposely “dragging her feet.” He also claimed to have been trying to come to an agreement with her over their divorce since she made the filing in 2020.

News about the bifurcation request came out just days after Nicole was denied an emergency domestic violence restraining order against Dre. In her filing, Nicole claimed that Dre “is now outright threatening [her] to keep [her] mouth shut or else” through his newly-released track that dissed her as a “greedy b***h”.

Nicole wanted Dre to stay 100 yards away from their Malibu home and to avoid any form of contact with her, including through email, texts and in-person visits. She further claimed that his new song escalated death threats she received from his fans. Her request, however, was turned down due to “insufficient evidence.”

Dre and Nicole have been entangled in messy divorce battle since June 2020. She accused him of cheating and domestic abuse, and wanted $2 million a month in spousal support. While Dre was reported to initially refuse her spousal support demand, he was said to have agreed to it after he suffered brain aneurysm in early January.

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