DoCoMo kicks off, mobile “government-made price cut” competition, in line with the Suga administration

“I would like you to choose Ahamo (of the new plan) as if it were a white T-shirt. It is a simple plan that is easy for digital natives to use as an individual.”

At the presentation of the new plan held on the 3rd, there was an unusual production that is not like DoCoMo, which is said to be “hard” among the three major companies. Ahamo’s target is “digital natives” in their 20s who grew up touching smartphones and SNS. At that very generation, two young male and female employees who were in charge of Ahamo for the third and fifth years of joining the company gave a presentation.

Mr. Motoyuki Ii, the president sent from NTT, took office on the 1st, two days before the presentation, and has just transitioned to the new system. At the end of December, it became a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT, and DoCoMo is at a turning point. Two young employees wearing fashionable suits and floral dresses seemed to symbolize “Shinsei DoCoMo.”

However, the question and answer session after that was like DoCoMo.

Is it really the main brand?
When asked, “Did Ahamo come out from the bottom up of young employees?” President Ii said, “I didn’t say that young people wanted to make this. How can I get this layer from a management perspective? I thought about it. ” He left the specific examination, but said that the direction was decided by the upper management.

Ahamo has been delicately elaborated so as not to buy the anger of the Yoshihide Suga administration, which has requested the mobile industry to reduce prices immediately after its inauguration in September.

Initially, DoCoMo was an existing main store …

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