Do Spring Cleaning Right With Bissell’s Complete Cleaning Checklist

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as pulling out the cleaning supplies and polishing and tidying up the rooms in your home once the weather gets warmer. But it doesn’t matter what your space looks like — whether it’s a house or an apartment, we know cleaning checklists can look daunting. There are lots of surfaces to clean and drawers to organize, and thankfully, Bissell get the struggle.

To help ease the stress of spring cleaning, the company has created a handy bullet-point list outlining cleaning instructions for big project rooms like the kitchen, bedroom, dining room, and bathroom. While each room has its own checklist, Bissell also recommends dusting, spot washing (doorknobs, air vents, etc.), washing windows (inside, outside, and the screen), and cleaning curtains and blinds. Similarly, be sure to change the batteries in the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to give your home a complete revamp. Find Bissell’s full spring cleaning checklist ahead that’ll make your home feel airy, bright, and beautiful.

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