Craving Dutch Bros? You Need to Try These 9 TikTok-Approved Drinks


It can’t just be us who immediately drives to the closest Dutch Bros every time we get in the car, right? The coffee chain, which has locations across the western U.S., is known for it’s buzzy drinks, and figuring out what to order is the first step in satisfying your caffeine cravings. And, leave it to TikTokers to know (and thankfully, share) the best drinks on (and off!) the menu. Complete with summer-themed flavors and espresso-based beverages, these Dutch Bros drinks are delicious enough to make you drool. If you’re wondering what to order during your next drive-thru excursion, consider trying one of these tried and true TikTok ideas. Whether you’re craving the sweet taste of a Rebel or you’re looking for that perfect afternoon pick-me-up, these delectable drink ideas are just what you need.

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