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It was winter of 2014 and I still hadn’t had an orgasm. I was a freshman in college and up until that moment, masturbating wasn’t really something I did. Don’t get me wrong, I was having sex and sometimes gave my clitoris some extra attention, but I had never had an orgasm.

Truly, I had no idea what finishing even felt like, and every time I tried to rub one out myself, my hand got all cramp-y and I stopped. Little did I know a secret weapon existed to get me there.

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Flash forward a few months later and my friends gifted me my first sex toy. It was a tiny, glow-in-the-dark bullet vibrator that I used under the covers in my dorm room. And while it was okay and did, in fact, work exceptionally better than my middle and pointer fingers, I knew that was only the beginning.

I worked my way up to more toys—rabbits, suction ones, dildos, etc.—and then landed on the vibrator that would make every orgasm feel like my very first: the Magic Wand.

I can’t remember exactly how this truly magical massager came into my life, but I can recall that the first time I tried it, I swear my vagina grew wings. My libido had never been happier or more satisfied.

And now, till this day, no matter what mood I am in, what position I am in, whether I am having solo or partnered sex, I am able to orgasm explosively with this massager. Without fail. Every time. And I mean like waves of pleasure washing over you, legs shaking, eyes rolling, pleasure.

In fact, I like to call the magic wand the “Little Black Dress” of sex toys. It’s timeless, effortless, and hugs your (vulva) curves in the best of ways. It’s truly just that good. Don’t believe me? Allow me to put you on to all the important details.

First off, there are two different versions you can choose from: the original corded version, $70, and the rechargeable one, $140. I personally prefer the rechargeable one since it’s lighter-weight, quieter, and you do not have to be trapped to the wall as you try to get off.

As for the size and shape though, they’re pretty similar and feature a soft, silicone head, flexible neck, and a long-lasting battery. (Considering it takes zero time for me to orgasm with this bad boy though, you probably won’t need to worry about wearing out the battery.)

Now, the Magic Wand is primarily known for its powerful motor and intense pleasure. It delivers power up to an 6,300 RPM!!!, but you rarely will need to use full power when putting this baby up to your clit and vulva because, hi, yes, lots of intense, rumbly vibrations.

Oh, and with multiple vibration settings and patterns, there are so many different ways it can get you off. It has four intensities and four patterns that can practically guarantee you an orgasm in a matter of minutes—but take it from me, you can and should have fun exploring alllll the ways.

Lastly, one of my favorite parts of the cordless is the plug and play option. This is especially handy for if you forget to charge before a big date night. Because even if it’s not charged, it can still be used even while it is plugged in. (But if you don’t want to deal with charging your battery, you can opt for the original corded version like I said. And between you and me, I have both in case of true emergencies.)

Although the price is on the higher end for a vibrator, I can not emphasize enough how much it’s worth it because of how simple and easy it is. I’m a firm believer that you get what you pay for, and here, it’s an investment in your sex life that will literally pay off forever.

So even though it’s shaped like an ice cream cone and looks rather intimidating, if you are in the market for a vibrator that will honestly change your life, or even if you just want to try something new, the Magic Wand is for you. It will become your most prized possession and you most likely will never use another vibrator ever again. I sure as hell can’t.

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