Chrissy Teigen Reflects on Constant Criticism She Gets: Everyone Hates Me

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Prior to this, the wife of John Legend defends herself from trolls criticizing her for ‘inappropriate’ photo on her Instagram account featuring her being topless with her son Miles.

Chrissy Teigen has taken to her Twitter account to lament that considering the amount of hate comments she’s been receiving, it seems like everyone hates her. On Friday, March 19, the “Lip Sync Battle” co-host asked her followers on the blue bird app, “do u ever feel like everyone hates you?”

“I feel like everyone hates me,” the model went on to say. “I’m not looking for you to tell me you don’t, I swear, please don’t!!! it is just overwhelming. i keep seeing ‘how has she not disabled these comments’ across all platforms on anything I say and it sucks.”

In a separate tweet, the wife of John Legend added, “I don’t feel I can do anything well enough or right. I dunno. Maybe just a rough patch.”

Chrissy Teigen reflected on hate comments

Chrissy Teigen reflected on hate comments she received.

Sending supportive messages to Chrissy, one fan replied to her, “Best advice my mom ever gave me and it was when I was 7 ‘not everyone is going to like you in life and most will not even have a good reason, sometimes you just don’t click with certain people, forget about them and move on.’ ”

Another person said, “It’s easy on this website to feel like everyone hates you. I’m a nobody and I get hostile replies every single day. I don’t think I’d be able to open my notifications if it was anywhere near the firehose of hostility and creepiness you get. It’d take a toll on anybody.” Someone else added, “I’ve learned that the better you are, the more hate you will receive. The more you shine, the more some will try to cast a shadow. I get my fair share & as hard as it is not to take the bait, or let it bring me down, ignoring is a far better response than anything else.”

Prior to this, Chrissy defended herself from trolls criticizing her for “inappropriate” photo. In a recent post on her Instagram account, Chrissy posted a picture of her with her son Miles. In the snap, she could be seen being topless as she put her hands strategically so that they covered her chest. “Please move, mommy is trying to be thirsty,” so she cheekily captioned the post.

While some of her followers were amused by the pic, some others blasted Chrissy for sharing such content. “This is the weirdest picture I’ve ever seen in my life,” one person commented, while someone called the post a “desperate cry for attention. Your attempts to be relevant are just disgusting.”

Chrissy noticed the criticism and quickly fired back. “Everyone mad can reply here so I can just block you in one area, Wait ’til [they] find out we take baths together,” she wrote in the comment.

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