Celebrities Back Before Everyone Had Smartphones


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It may be hard to remember a world before everyone could accidentally tweet nudes from their pocket, but smartphones are still a relatively recent technological development. Journey with us back to a time before celebrities had Instagram, and when the worst they could do was maybe forget to set up their voicemail.

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Cameron Diaz

Selfies before smartphones. What a time 2004 was.

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Sarah Jessica Parker

“Hello, AT&T? Yes, I just won a Golden Globe!”

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Good Charlotte

90% chance Joel Madden is playing Snake.

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Jimmy Fallon

No, Jimmy, you already got your takeout.

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Britney Spears

This is literally 2003 calling, asking for its hat back.

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Samuel L. Jackson

Remember when cell phones had Hollywood premiere parties?

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Jay-Z and Beyoncé

“Jay, seriously, can you not use that phone when we’re in public?”

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Justin Timberlake

Despite a fully engaged analog antenna, JT remained unimpressed with his reception.

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Elizabeth Hurley

I don’t think you can get GPS on that, Liz.

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David Duchovny

“No, I won’t do my Mulder voice for you, Mom…”

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Shannen Doherty

“I don’t know why they cancelled Charmed either!”

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Nicky Hilton

2003’s motto was “A Hilton Always Answers Her Phone.”

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Andie MacDowell

I would like you congratulate you for getting through 18 photos of celebrities with old cell phones and I promise you there’s a good one if you keep going.

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Brad Pitt

Awarding extra points if that phone happens to be stored in a bag.

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Char Mitchell

A gold flip phone #blessed.

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Bencio Del Toro

Why live in the the moment after winning a Golden Globe when you could hop on your Rzr instead?

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Dustin Hoffman

I actually really miss not having the ability to check email on my phone.

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Kelsey Grammar

“Yes, this is Fraser. I’m very famous.”

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Morgan Fairchild

Back when people wanted to go to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

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Shannon Elizabeth

TBH the rest of this look is back.

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Michael Clarke Duncan

“Nah, there’s no room courtside. My guns needed their own seat.”

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Julia Roberts

This is honestly my regular winter look.

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P. Diddy

Puffy popping his battery back in (?) at the European Music Awards.

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