Cancer Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF March 15 – 2 1, 2021

Your privacy policy may get a little bit firmer this Monday, March 15, but that’s not a bad thing! As celestial socialite Mercury buzzes into Pisces and your indie-spirited ninth house until April 3, you’ll have zero patience for people telling you where to go or what to do. Guarding your solo time like a hawk could become your new normal during this Mercury cycle. Just try not to raise your walls SO high that no one can get in. The point of this exercise is to create more room to explore your personal passions. But if you isolate yourself too much, you could fall into a melancholy slump. Over the next few weeks, say “yes-please” to adventurous road trips, mind-expanding webinars, and anything that activates your entrepreneurial streak. Online, multi-culti mingling brings a refreshing wave of energy to your social life, and a flirtatious or creative spark might even lead to a sexy mashup. How do you say “call me” in Swedish, Spanish or Swahili?

Ready to field some major opportunities? This Saturday, March 20, the Sun kicks off its annual circuit through Aries and your tenth house of success—your most ambitious time of year. Everything you’ve been dreaming, scheming and setting into motion is ready to coalesce. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for openings that might be perfect for you. Whatever you’re involved in between now and April 19, step it up and take the lead. You won’t always know when you’re being observed, but your graceful way of taking charge WILL be noticed. Be proactive: What do YOU want to manifest, professionally? Is there a project you’d like to be a part of or a new role in the company that can position you for advancement? Perhaps you’re ready to be the CEO of Cancer, Inc. Under this solar power surge, let people see you in your full glory—your strong aspirations and goal-orientation but also your nurturing, compassionate side.

One caveat during Aries season: This can fire up your own (seldom-seen) competitive streak. Catch yourself before you veer into catty or cutthroat terrain, but don’t hold back your natural gifts. On Sunday, diplomatic Venus swings into Aries, rolling alongside the Sun until April 14. That should help you “package” your messaging in a way that creates win-wins. No need to shy away from conflict, Cancer, just anticipate it as part of the process and keep your eye on the higher vision, the one everyone’s down to achieve. Even in this ambitious position, Venus is still the planet of love and beauty. Use this three-week cycle to focus on romantic goals, like setting up a confidence-boosting photo shoot for your app profile or planning a “meet the parents” Zoom with your not-so-secret-anymore pandemic boo. For coupled Crabs, what would move the needle in your relationship? Try something that will challenge your edges while also allowing you to connect more vulnerably.

Boundaries could be challenged on Sunday, when lusty Mars in Gemini (and your dreamy twelfth house) trines solid Saturn in your erotic eighth. “Yes, please!” Seductive flirtations mixed with equal parts gravitas could lead to some toe-curling adventures that don’t have to end when the sun comes up. While things will be palpably hot, beneath the surface is where the true intensity lies. Like underground magma before a volcanic eruption, your emotions are churning, and these will either pull you closer or make you want to bolt. We hate to be a buzzkill, but this is your heart we’re talking about. So before you take the catnip, evaluate the odds of this person being around to go on summer vacation with you. The chemistry may be irresistible, but is a night (or weekend) of passion really worth months of agonizing over? On the flip side, this heated Mars-Saturn hookup can reel in the right partner, but only if you’re very discerning.

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