Before You Watch the New Season of ‘The Bold Type,’ Here’s What You Missed in S4

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Fans of The Bold Type, I truly hate to do this, but I have to deliver some sad news: season 5 is going to be the final season of your favorite show about the inner workings of Scarlet. Gone are the days in the fashion closet, where our dynamic trio Sutton (Meghann Fahy), Jane (Katie Stevens) and Kat (Aisha Dee) debriefed each other on all the Big Moments, from health scares to figuring out how to be more, how shall I say it, expressive in the bedroom.

TL:DR—it’s been a wild ride, and I’m truly sad to see some of my nearest and dearest TV friends go.

While we’re all waiting for the new season to premiere on May 26, you might need a refresher on where our heroines are at. The end of season 4 left fans needing a glass of wine (we’ll give you some clues later), and with the pandemic cutting production short by two episodes, it gave hardcore viewers a long time to wonder where the show is taking us next.

Before we dive into season 5, we have to catch up on what happened with our fearless Scarlet women at the end of season 4:

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Sutton and Richard are married! Or maybe not?

If there’s one way I can describe Sutton and Richard’s (Sam Page) romance, it’s like trying to surf. The minute you think you’ve caught the wave, you’re suddenly drowning and attempting to get back up from the latest mishap.

Anyway…after spending most of the season long distance, fans thought this fairytale-esque couple FINALLY got themselves a happy ending. And you’d think an engagement and marriage would seal the deal. But after four years together, they clearly didn’t talk about all their life plans, mainly one pretty major deal breaker in any relationship: kids.

Freeform/Jonathan Wenk

After Sutton goes through an unexpected miscarriage, she slowly realizes her dreams never included becoming a mom…unlike her husband, who’s desperately wanted children from the very beginning. The result? The duo are seemingly splitsville.

the bold type

Freeform/Jonathan Wenk

What’s going on with Jane?

All I want to say is this: poor girl. Jane was really put through the ringer last season, whether it be from cheating boyfriends (damn you, Pinstripe!) or dealing with her BRCA diagnosis from the beginning of the show. Luckily, she got herself a preventative double mastectomy, so at least her health is now in a better place. Also, did I mention she’s now running her own vertical at Scarlet? And she has a hot new writer to boss around…and we don’t just mean at the office.

the bold type   "snow day"   a blizzard halts nyc, and kat is trapped at her new job with her nemesis sutton struggles to balance her career and relationship jane tries to emulate jacqueline's leadership with her new staff oliver comes face to face with his ex this episode of "the bold type" airs thursday, june 18, at 1000pm etpt on freeform  freeformjonathan wenkmat vairo, katie stevens

Freeform/Jonathan Wenk

But Jane has bigger fish to fry right now. After editor-in-chief/mentor Jacqueline nixed her inappropriate workplace story (it turns out the woman involved dated Jac’s husband during their separation), Jane chose to challenge her boss and go for it. After all, she didn’t think it would impact the lives involved, so who cares if she publishes it? Well, now Jane’s wondering if she’s happy just going along with what her superiors tell her, and maybe there’s a chance she’ll leave the magazine she’s called home for so long.

TBH, we won’t know until season 5 premieres. But what would the new Scarlet look like without Jane Sloan?

Will Kat put her life back together?

The former social media director had just exposed a board member’s support for conversion therapy. The result: an ousting from Scarlet, forcing her to become a bartender. Enter Ava, a patron who’s outspoken on political issues and who Kat casually begins a fling with. There’s one teeny problem though: she just happens to be the daughter of the board member Kat just recently outed. Yikes. Well, that’s a disaster totally waiting to happen—just watch.

the bold type

Freeform/Jonathan Wenk

And if I’m going to do an honest recap, one question desperately needs answering: Will Kat and Adeena ever get their happy ending? Given how they’ve been on-and-off the last four seasons, it only makes sense for these two to finally put on some big girl panties and get their acts together already. Kat clearly loves Adeena, and vice versa. JUST FIGURE IT OUT AND BE HAPPY. Please, for my sake.

And what’s up with Jacqueline? Like, in general?

Last we saw our favorite editor-in-chief, she was busy dealing with quite a lot. Professionally, she wanted Jane to shut down the workplace story because the witness happens to be the woman her husband Ian saw when they were separated. While eventually she agreed to publish it (on the condition all the people involved wouldn’t have their personal businesses imploded, good luck with that), and it’s signaled a big changed in the dynamic between her and Jane.

the bold type

Freeform/Jonathan Wenk

And speaking of Ian… last season really exposed the state of their marriage, with the two wondering whether to stay together or pull the plug. THANKFULLY they’re going to try to work it out. Because who else would Sutton and Richard look up to when they’re having a spat of their own?


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