Aries Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF March 15 – 2 1, 2021

Tune in, Aries! The divine downloads start rushing in at a faster frequency this Monday, March 15, as mindful Mercury floats into Pisces and your twelfth house of healing and soulful inspiration. While the winged messenger planet hovers in this ethereal realm until April 3, visionary ideas may come to you in your dreams (or daydreams). Grab a notebook and take dictation! These seedlings could blossom into epic projects when Mercury moves into Aries on April 3, so you definitely don’t want to lose them. Try a new morning practice, like freewriting in your journal before you open any browser windows or scroll through your texts. This depth-plumbing cycle is also a potent portal for working on your own spiritual growth or self-healing. You’re on the verge of letting go of some ancient stories and scripts that no longer resonate with 2021 Aries. Since you tend to keep a lot in your head, it’s always helpful to verbalize the “inner monologue” with compassionate sounding boards, from wise friends to therapists. By learning to separate your stream of thoughts from your true self, you’ll gain mastery over which you choose to act upon—and which you can thank for sharing as you let them go.

Ready to have your cake and, obviously, eat it, too? (All by yourself if you want.) Birthday season officially kicks off this Saturday, as the luminous Sun blazes into Aries until April 19 and gets you back into the game. One day later, radiant Venus swoops into Aries, co-piloting el Sol through your sign until April 14. This is all to say, Ram, that for the next few weeks, you are going to be trending in every way. Don’t worry if you’ve been adrift in dreams and feels for the past four weeks. Starting this weekend, you’re back to producing the jaw-dropping results Aries are typically obsessed with debuting.

But as you shift back into superstar status once again, perhaps the delayed gratification of Pisces season will make the coming month all the sweeter. What big plans are you eager to set into motion; which new initiatives are you dying to unleash? This kind of motivation is priceless, but pace yourself, Aries. Your impulsive sign can make rash (and sometimes regrettable) decisions when you’re all hyped up. In your zeal to jet ahead, don’t accidentally throw the baby out with the bathwater. For larger projects, take time to assess what resources you’ll need, from finances and a workspace to collaborators and possibly some new skills. Signing up for a class isn’t a “waste” of money, especially if it floats you to a new level where you can command a higher rate.This fresh-start energy helps you evaluate what’s useful in your life and still brings you joy—and also, thanks to Venus’ influence, WHO fits that bill. Some casting changes may be in order. Don’t race to replace a key player if you decide to boot a certain someone from that role. The next few weeks offer some much-needed breathing room to reflect on your evolving desires. Take that time and you won’t just repeat the same old story…again!

Sunday’s skies also feature a supportive trine between passionate Mars in Gemini and your house of expression and reliable Saturn in your eleventh house of social networking. Here’s another reason to stop and do a “crew review.” Through this lens, you’ll have the discernment AND the communication skills to tweak any relationships that are on wobbly ground. If you’re working on a collaborative project, make sure everyone is pulling their weight and that you aren’t taking on more work than you should. Maybe it’s time to bring in the “big guns,” like software and apps that can do some of the heavier lifting for you. Just because you’ve always done things a certain way doesn’t mean you should keep forging ahead with that plan. Life could be easier for everyone on Team Ram, thanks to a savvy investment in 2021 “tools of the trade.”

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