Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF March 8 – 1 4, 2021

Make it rain, Water Bearer! This is a great week for financial moves and stabilization, so download those banking and credit card statements! On Wednesday, March 10, the Sun and Neptune host their annual meetup, fusing mental acuity and intuitive genius. This year (and until 2026) the summit is being hosted in Pisces and your second house of money, luxury and fiscal planning. Even if you’ve felt like you were trying to navigate through thick fog, the Sun will illuminate new ways of managing your hard-earned cash. But before you hit the “deprivation panic button,” change your mindset! It’s still you at the wheel, Aquarius, so rather than preparing to give up your creature comforts altogether, start thinking in terms of simple luxury.

Stock up the kitchen with favorite foods that will go a long way toward jazzing up even the simplest of meals. High-quality olive oil, organic nuts and grains, and fresh produce on demand can do wonders for your diet! Bring the same classic approach to your wardrobe and “toilette.” You can (almost) never go wrong with a timeless sweater or blazer, jeans and yoga pants that enhance your own silhouette, together with the perfect pair of ankle boots. And knowing you, it’s your quirky one-of-a-kind accessories that make your outfits pop anyway. Add a few “so you” touches, like a chunky crystal and hilariously kitschy snow globe, to your workspace.

On a deeper level, the Sun-Neptune tryst can inspire you to reflect on HOW you earn your money. As the humanitarian of the zodiac, you are naturally motivated to do good in the world, and whatever business you’re in, there are always ways to be of service. This week, step back and think about whether you feel like you’re doing enough, from aligning with high-minded companies professionally to supporting them with your consumer dollars. After all, you really do vote with your wallet!

Saturday’s night sky may be dark, but it offers an incredible opportunity to start writing a whole new financial chapter in your life as the year’s only Pisces new moon shoots its potent beams into your second house of money and security. While la luna’s proximity to denial-driven Neptune and luxuriating Venus might make you want to bury your head in the sand, don’t! Even if you need to pull the emergency brake on runaway spending, trust that you’re reaching a pivot crossroads and that you can change your course to one you truly desire. If you’re already on track, congrats! And keep up the good work. However, if you’ve been a bit of a spendthrift—with your head in the sand—this lunar lift can help you square yourself with a much-needed reality check.

Over the next two weeks (peak manifesting time for this moon), sit down with your statements, and perhaps a professional, and map out a plan to reduce debt, create a budget you can live with, and set some financial goals to keep you motivated. At the same time, this is a great moment to work on attracting more income. Do all the practical things, like updating and circulating your resume, posting more regularly on LinkedIn and letting influential people know you’re looking. But also do the inner work of searching for blocks to your prosperity mindset, which can hold you back as much as runaway spending.

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