All the Iconic Outfits From ‘The Hills’ You Forgot About


The Hills was a groundbreaking show for many reasons. Aside from giving us some top-notch drama, it gifted fans some amazing fashion inspiration. Did all of it stand the test of time? Definitely not. In the interest of preserving The Hills‘ spot in American fashion history, here are 42 memorable and slightly strange looks from this iconic show. Yes, that includes Lauren Conrad’s collection of headbands, Justin Bobby’s many hats, and more.

When Lauren Wore These Sunglasses

Sunglasses were strictly a hair accessory on this show.

When Heidi Went to School in This Outfit

Betsey Johnson everything.

Heidi’s Jeans

There’s just a lot going on here.

When Lauren Was in Her Black Headband Era

That headband was seen more than once.

When Whitney Was Forced to Wear This

Y2K fashion means tiny denim jackets.

When Audrina Wore These Confusing Pants

What style is this considered?

When Lauren Wouldn’t Stop Wearing Extra Long Tank Tops

Spaghetti strap tanks covering your belt loops were trendy back then.

When Everyone Looked Iconic at Heidi’s Birthday

This moment definitely influenced 2022’s corset resurgence.

When Heidi’s Outfit Caused Huge Drama at Work

To be fair, it’s not the most professional look.

When Heidi Wore a Tube Top Over a Tank Top

When in doubt, layer every single shirt you own.

When Lauren and Audrina Were Obsessed With Huge Sunglasses

Sunglasses should either be so tiny they don’t work, or so huge they take up most of your face, nothing in-between.

When Audrian Wore This Hat

When Justin Bobby Wore His Sunglasses Like This

How did they stay like that?

Unfortunately, This Was Very Much Not a One-Time Thing

Sunglasses have never looked stranger.

When Justin Bobby Showed Up for a Date Looking Like This

Honestly, some of these pieces would still work today.

And Showed Up at the Airport Looking Like This

It was the 2000s, after all.

When Heidi Layered Some More Tanks

When Whitney Wore This Fedora

The first of many fedora moments.

When Hilary Duff Showed Up in This Fit

Interesting fashion choices were made that day.

When Justin Bobby Layered Two Beanies

He must have sweated a lot.

When This Was Worn at Lauren’s Halloween Party

When Heidi Wore This Sweater

It’s giving Jessica Simpson in Newlyweds.

When Spencer Entered His Cowboy Phase

It was brief, but it was important.

When Lauren Wore This Cute Polka Dot Headband

When Audrina Wore Yet Another Floppy Cap

She simply couldn’t get enough of them.

When Lauren and Whiteny Wandered Around Paris Like This

She’s the girl who eventually did go to Paris.

When Stephanie Showed Up to Class Like This

When Lauren Wore a Baggy Fashion Vest

There are plenty of people out there currently wearing something similar.

When Lauren Paired a Knit Beanie with a Tank Top

It’s both a hot and cold outfit.

Let’s Not Forget This Beanie!

When Spencer Debuted His Crystal Necklace

No such thing as too many crystals dangling from one’s neck.

When Justin Bobby Wore Many Hats

When Stephanie Looked Exactly Like Season One Lauren

Definitely did a double take.

When Justin Bobby and Audrina Stepped Out Like This

Imagine running into this couple at Les Deux.

When Lauren Refused to Stop Wearing Fedoras

It was the trend that never ended.

Indoors, Outdoors…

There was simply no stopping this fedora.

When Lauren’s Pearl Necklace Was Dress-Length

That’s not a normal size for a necklace.

When Heidi Attempted Winter Fashion

Snow Heidi was everything.

When Spencer Got Into Tie Dye

When Spencer Wore This Vest to Propose

Less of a proposal and more of a “let’s get secretly married on vacation.”

When Audrina Wore This Mini Fashion Scarf

For all of The Hills ladies, nothing went better with a tank top than a scarf.

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