A Case For the Effortlessly Cool Razor Haircut


When you think of the word “razor,” it’s likely that you immediately think of the kind you pick up at the drugstore to remove your body hair, but what if we told you that razors have long been used as a tool for professional stylists? Razor cutting is a classic haircut technique that, unlike its shear scissors counterpart, can give the hair layers that look soft and effortlessly cool.

“Razor cutting creates more of a lift in the hair and allows for there to be space and movement within the shape,” Carmel Lawless, hairstylist at Salon SCK in New York City, told POPSUGAR. “It allows me to create a weightless shape while still keeping the integrity of the shape.”

Razor cuts typically don’t leave you with blunt ends, and according to Lawless, they work best on people with thicker hair since the main objective is to remove weight from the hair to give it a bit more movement. If your hair is thinner, over-processed, or prone to frizz, a razor cut may not be for you. “Using a razor to cut curly hair can change the texture of the hair and potentially cause it to frizz,” Lawless said. “Razors will also have a hard time cutting through highly processed hair with precision.”

There are plenty of popular hairstyles that can be achieved with a razor. Read ahead to check out a few razor haircuts we love.

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