7 Things a Therapist Wants Us to Learn From Meghan Markle’s Brave, Heartbreaking Interview

We’re still processing what we saw and heard in the conversation between Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and Oprah Winfrey on Sunday. Yes, a whole tornado of royal drama is brewing in its wake, but it was Meghan’s raw and vulnerable confessions about the decline of her mental health while part of the royal family that left us heartbroken. She spoke about dealing with intense loneliness, being silenced, having suicidal thoughts, and not receiving the help she needed and asked for. To help us understand Markle’s experiences, we spoke to Los Angeles-based therapist Chevonna Gaylor, LMFT, and asked what we can take away from the raw and revelatory interview and how we can use Markle’s courage in speaking out to help others who are in pain.

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