6 Vegan Male Grooming Products You Need To Try!

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Male Grooming  is an ever evolving industry, with new hacks and gadgets coming to light on a day – to day basis. But with all the viral skin tips and products to try, it seems rare that we hear about vegan products that are specifically targeted towards the male demographic.  To be fair, the vegan lifestyle is still “newer” to a large amount of the population and unfortunately, there’s a lot of stigma when it comes to vegan products. Many believe they don’t work as well, are overpriced and some even go as far to say they’re a money grab.

But that’s not the always case. There are plenty of brands that have made it their mission to create vegan products that do it all. Give you great results. Are made with ingredients that are safe for you. Protect the environment. And make you feel good. You just have to find them.

Yes, the hunt can be tedious, but don’t let that throw you off. Finding products that are great for your hair, skin and body are so important and can effect your overall health. So to help make that switch a bit easier we have collected a few vegan items that you can start implementing into your daily routine. Whether its toothpaste or shampoo, we are sure there a product here just for you. Check them out!

  1. 103 Collection Lavender & Lemongrass Beard Wash

103 Collection Founder Melinda Herron has paved her way in the male grooming industry and her products have proven to be some of the best. This 100% vegan line is perfect for men who love to keep their facial hair healthy and up to par. With a standout product like the Lavender and Lemon Beard Wash, men can gently cleanse their beard, and the skin underneath while tackling issues like beard dandruff, and lack of moisture. A formula consisting of essential oils is strong enough to bring noticeable results to all hair types but soothe and protect sensitive skin all in one.

  1. Bulldog Skincare Natural Roll on Deodorant

A vegan deodorant can sound risky, but Bulldog Skincare has formulated this product to effectively handle body odors without disturbing its natural process. Sweating is naturally detoxifying, however, antiperspirants block sweat glands which can hurt more than help. With that in mind, the natural roll-on deodorant was created with a prebiotic to neutralize and protect against odor for up to 24 hours so that you could smell fresh all day long while being kind to your skin. The line offers four fragrances including lemon & bergamot, peppermint & eucalyptus, vetiver & black pepper, and original natural. All of which screams masculine, grown-up, and sophisticated!

  1. Hawthorne Thickening Shampoo

If you’re a male struggling with hair loss or thinning this clean shampoo is a must-have. Packed with rice protein, enzymes that repair the scalp, stimulants, and B5, your hair will receive the nutrients it needs to grow, thicken and strengthen. Its expertly crafted scent is an elevated mix of eucalyptus and mint, which will leave you smelling and feeling more confident than before. And, it is free of harsh chemicals that often transform the natural state of your strands and offer results that are only temporary.

  1. Bonajour Daily All-In-One Moisturizer

Make your daily skincare routine seamless with this moisturizer that acts as a toner, and serum as well. Acne-prone and aging skin can be targeted thanks to organic ingredients that fight bacteria. Tea tree oil will leave your skin feeling awake and soothed while citrus oils actively work to combat irritation and leave you with a scent that is fresh and inviting.

  1. Bite Zero Waste Toothpaste

This unconventional toothpaste is making everyday tasks sustainable and will leave you with pearly whites. Protect your smile against cavities, plaque, and germs with toothpaste bits that you can easily pop in your mouth. No more using too much toothpaste, or squeezing the last drop out of the tube. The glass jar and 100% vegan + clean formula are safe for the earth and you. Fluoride, sodium bicarbonate, xylitol, and other ingredients stop bad breath, balance the PH in your mouth and brighten your smile and give you a daily boost!

  1. Jack Black Cool moisture Body Lotion

Keeping yourself groomed and at your best includes staying moisturized! This body lotion is lightweight and will quickly penetrate your skin with soy protein, vitamin E, and jojoba, leaving no dry areas behind. But what makes it extra special is the cool sensation it leaves behind. Methyl lactate is the key to the lotions superpowers, which will leave your skin tingling and feeling refreshed!

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