5 Wearable Heating Patches For On-the-Go Period-Cramp Relief

Applying heat to the lower abdomen with a heating pad is one of the most common remedies for soothing painful period cramps, but it’s not always the most convenient. You can’t necessarily guarantee you’ll be near an electrical outlet to plug in your heating pad when your period cramps strike, and even wireless heating pad options and hot water bottles require the assistance of a microwave or boiling water.

That’s why wearable menstrual patches — self-heating pads you stick on your clothes — are so appealing. They stay warm for hours to soothe cramps, and unlike other portable heating pads (like the kinds filled with rice or synthetic gels), they don’t need to be microwaved to provide heat. Most of these menstrual patches are also very thin, so they won’t bulk up under your clothes, and they feature a sticky adhesive back that keeps them in place as you move around. And because period cramps aren’t always so predictable, they’re great to stash in your medicine cabinet, handbag, and suitcase too.

Intrigued? We rounded up five menstrual patch options to lean on for cramp relief.

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