45 Super-Romantic Gifts That’ll Make Any Lover Swooooon


Katie Buckleitner

Word of advice: Anytime you’re shopping for your significant other, it’s best not to go down the practical route. As nice as a new set of cookware might be, that kind of functional gift is probably better suited for your dad, your mom, your brother—literally anyone other than your S.O. A romantic gift, on the other hand, feels extra thoughtful and special because it can only come from you.

Since romantic can turn cheesy, like, real fast, we’ve rounded up some non-sappy gift ideas your loved one will definitely appreciate (but we did include a heart-shaped gift or two! We can’t help ourselves!). Take a scroll through this gallery, and you’ll find plenty of self-care gifts (like bubble bath soaps, lip masks, and fragrances), as well as sentimental gifts to highlight your relationship and the time spent together (like photo displays and fun games for couples to play).

So if you’re shopping for your wife or girlfriend, save the cooking pan for someone else and try one of these 45 romantic gifts for her instead. (And, of course, these sweet gifts aren’t reserved for just women—we’re sure that whoever’s on the receiving end of these presents will love them almost as much as they love you. Cue a round of awww‘s!)

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this gold band

Women’s Ripple Band Ring, Gold

The only thing more romantic than a gold band is matching gold bands if ya catch my drift. But if you’re not quite there yet, get your partner this 24k gold-plated brass ring with an asymmetrical shape as a cool take on the classic jewelry piece.


this long, luxe robe

Gabrielle Robe

Anya Lust


A luxurious floor-length robe made of silk and satin blend with French lace details will make your S.O. feel like the queen she is.


this sweet gift set

Happily Ever After Box

Box Fox


Are you two newlyweds? Get your partner this premade care package that includes a heart-shaped ring dish, a couples’ cookbook, a candle, an espresso maker with cups, and more.


this massage candle

burn no. 1



No, this isn’t your regular ol’ candle. This sweet bb melts down into a luxurious massage oil that you both can enjoy. 


this sweet, dainty bracelet

14k Gold Itty Bittys”Eye Heart U” Bracelet

Zoe Chicco


A delicate chain bracelet like this one is perfect for stacking and layering, and she’ll really appreciate the sweet sentiment behind the “Eye Heart U” charms.


this body care set

Eco-Friendly Body Sampler



One skincare product makes a great gift, yes, but this set comes with five skincare solids: a deodorant, body lotion, body scrub, and two body wash bars. And the heart shapes make them even better.


this candlelit fondue pot

Boska Candlelight Twinkle Fondue Set

crate and barrel


Don’t ask me why, but something about melted chocolate is super romantic. If your girl is a foodie, she’d be so into this candlelit at-home fondue set.


these rose-shaped soaps

Floral Scented Bath Soap Rose Flower Petals, Pink, 12 Count

Bath Roses


Sure, you could sprinkle real rose petals over a bath, or you could use these petals made of vanilla-scented soap instead. Makes much more sense (scents?) that way.


this pack of panties

Women’s Say Never Cutie Low Rise Thong 3 Pack



Lingerie for a romantic gift is too obvious of a choice (and let’s be honest, overrated). Get them what they really want: a pack of nice quality underwear in fun colors and prints that they’ll actually wear every day.


a comfy cami

Women’s Curvy CLF Jersey Cami, Black Caviar

Savage X Fenty


A jersey cami with a little lace detailing is super sultry but still practical enough for everyday pajamas.


this bottle of brut

“In Too Deep” Vino Blanco

Love Cork Screw


A bottle of bubbly isn’t just a gift for anniversaries. A happy, healthy relationship is worth celebrating any day of the year, so bring out this bottle of a Brut-style white wine whenever the mood strikes.


this romantic room spray

Love Interior Aromatic Room Spray



A major step up from your basic room spray, this luxurious hand-blended spritz has floral notes of neroli, ylang-ylang, and jasmine mixed with spicy notes of vetiver and patchouli for the most romantic scent. It even contains rose quartz crystals for added ~love~ energy.


a bottle of bubble bath

Breathe Tranquil Bubble Bath

The gift of self-care is the best gift any time of the year. And since baths are best enjoyed with a glass of vino, pair this relaxing bubble bath that looks like a bottle of wine with a real bottle of bubbly, and you’ve got yourself a winning combo. 


these lip masks

5 Pack Lip Mask

KNC Beauty


More self-care, ’cause why not? Everyone wants smooth, hydrated lips, and these lil masks in a cute lip case will help with just that.


this breakfast tray

Bamboo Bed Tray Table with Folding Legs



Serve their favorite brunch foods on this tray to get major points—they can even use it later as a laptop tray when they’re not getting breakfast in bed.


these hinged bud vases

Set of 3 Test Tube Vase with Black Iron Frame Stand

An expensive flower arrangement is super nice, but c’mon—what’s more romantic than handpicked flowers from the garden? These hinged bud vases are perfect for little flower blooms, cuttings for propagation, and more.


these cozy sheets

Classic Core Sheet Set



Nice bedsheets aren’t cheap, but they’re totally worth it. Anyone would appreciate the gift of luxe bedsheets, but if you’re giving them to your S.O., you get to enjoy them, too.


this sleek suitcase

The Large



Give the gift of travel inspo for your love with this sleek hard-shell suitcase.


this rose tea

Cup of Love, Small Batch Loose Leaf Tea

Big Heart Tea Co.


Tell them they’re your cup of tea with this gift bag of loose leaf tea. With words like “heart,” “love,” and “rose” written on the front of this packaging, they’ll get the idea.


this shimmery body oil and lipstick set

Soleil Blanc Body Oil & Lip Set



I can’t decide which is more romantic: a fancy designer lipstick or a fancy designer shimmery body oil. Good thing with this gift set you don’t have to choose between the two.


this silk eye mask

Mulberry Silk Eyemask



Anything silk is romantic, which is why this eye mask makes such a good gift idea.


this bedroom mist

BeSeduced Bedroom and Body Mist

The Beloved Box


They’ll love this room spray so much (a blend of tuberose, lily of the valley, and sandalwood), they’ll want to spray it all over, and guess what? They can because it doubles as a body mist.


these conversation starter cards

Love Language: Card Game



Turn to this deck of cards with 150 conversation starter questions and prompts whenever you’re looking to deepen your connection.


this pedicure foot bath

Heat Sense Foot and Pedicure Spa

If you really want to treat your other half, get them this foot bath with heated bubble massage so they can get the salon experience from the comfort of your home.


these spa towels

Spa Towels

Parachute Home


Word to the wise: Anything with the word “spa” in the name makes a great gift idea. Take these plush spa towels, for instance.


this seductive body wash

Seductive Sandalwood Body Wash

Romance and roses go together like nothing else, but if your partner isn’t a rose person, sandalwood is another sensual scent they’ll probably (definitely) like. This sandalwood-scented body wash is called “seductive” for a reason.


this photo display box

Brass & Wood Display Box

Artifact Uprising


If you two have taken so many photos together over the years that you couldn’t possibly find a photo album big enough, get this wooden photo display box to hold them all.


this cookbook

The Couple’s Cookbook: Recipes for Newlyweds

Ten Speed Press

Whether you two are basically chefs, hate cooking, or are new to cooking, a cookbook full of ideas you can make together is a great way to spend quality time.


these string lights with photo clips

Lighten Up Photo Display String

Brewster Home Fashions


Nothing is more romantic than a sentimental gift, like a framed photo of the two of you. Now times that by 30 with a whole strand of photo clips and romantic twinkle lights to go with it.


this question game

After Dinner Amusements: Truth or Dare for Couples

Chronicle Books


In case you’re wondering, truth or dare is just as fun as you remember it being, and it’s even more fun when you’re playing with your person. This box of 50 questions and dares makes it easy to come up with ideas.


some abstract wall art

One Line Art Couple



A piece of abstract art is the perfect addition to your bedroom or living room space. Made with only one continuous line, this drawing of two faces intertwined is romantic but in a subtle way. 


this heart-shaped plant

The Hoya

Urban Stems


Even someone who’s not really a plant person would love to liven up their living room with this sweet lil heart plant. And unlike a bouquet of flowers, this cactus house plant will last a long time.


this massage oil

Renewing Rose Massage & Body Oil

Aromatherapy Associates


Forget rose bouquets. A rose-scented massage and body oil is the real key to someone’s heart. This blend of coconut, rose, sandalwood, and neroli oils smells as warm and luxurious as it feels.


this DIY truffle kit

Make Your Own Chocolate Truffles Kit



Chocolate is always a good idea, but this truffle making kit will go especially well with a bottle of wine on date night. Complete with everything you need to make truffles (including a thermometer!), this gift set takes a box of chocolates to a whole new level.


this trio of bath salts

Bath Salt Spa Gift Set Collection



And if bubble baths aren’t their thing, a set of three different bath salts might be. The only thing they should be stressing over is deciding between Himalayan pink salt, French green clay, and Hiwa Kai black lava salt.


this candelabra

Metal Loop Candelabra

West Elm


Hear me out. Cooking your lover a meal at home is very romantic, but nothing amps up the heat like a gold candelabra centerpiece and you know I’m right about that. This one will look perfect with your carefully planned tablescape.


a pretty houseplant

Bird’s Nest Fern

The Sill


Know what every romantic relationship needs? A love fern. Get one delivered straight to your S.O.’s doorstep in a cute little pot.


these fun matches

Spark Romance: 50 Ways to Deepen Your Connection

Chronicle Books

Once you’ve found the perfect candle, pair it with this set of faux matches to round out your gift for your perfect match (awww). Each matchstick has a saying on the back with a fun date-night idea or conversation starter so you two can always keep things interesting.


this essential oil diffuser

Diffuser & Oil Set

Serene House


The perfect way to set the mood is with a nice fragrance to fill the room. With this diffuser and set of essential oils, you can choose from one of three moods (relax, refresh, or comfort) and do just that.


this cool Vrbo stay

Brook Cottage

A trip away is about as romantic as it gets. Book a Vrbo somewhere you two have always wanted to go together.


this travel journal

Our Bucket List: A Creative and Inspirational Journal for Ideas and Adventures for Couples

Lux Reads


The only thing more romantic than a dreamy vacation is making plans together. This bucket-list journal will not only help you plan out the timeline for future trips but also hold you to it.


this personalized print

Personalized Home Print



Anyone would appreciate a customized print that includes the coordinates of the place you fell in love or the home you share. 


a scented wax diffuser

Baies/Berries Scented Oval



If you’ve maxed out on candle gifts, try a scented wax perfume diffuser instead. This oval is perfect for tucking away in dresser drawers or hanging in closets and leaves a light scent of romantic Bulgarian rose on clothing, linens, or whatever you want.


a champagne saber

Champagne Saber

There’s a reason all the romance movie scenes start with someone opening a bottle of champagne with a saber. It’s freaking awesome. Give this for a gift so you can try it for yourself and see if it’s as cool in person.


this perfume

N°5 L’Eau Spray



Your S.O. will L-O-V-E the way this iconic bottle looks in their bathroom, and they’ll definitely enjoy spritzing the luxe scent (featuring rose, jasmine, and ylang-ylang) every morning.

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