40 Halloween Nail Art Designs to Recreate at Home



Can you believe spooky season is right around the corner? It’s never too early to start planning. As you brainstorm which celeb or TV character to dress up as, you may gloss over some of the smaller details. Whether you’re opting to go as skater Barbie and Ken this year, or it’s a cat-ears-black-leotard moment again, you cannot forget to get Halloween nails. What are they exactly? That is completely up to you. You can either go with a manicure that perfectly matches your costume, or you can let the spooky season be reflected on your hands. We’re personally partial to a gritty black mani that lets people know we’re not here to drink pumpkin spice lattes. Whichever direction you choose, here are 40 Halloween nail designs you should peruse at your leisure. Once the leaves start to fall, we’re counting on seeing some skeletons on those hands, people.

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This nail design is easy to recreate, especially since the messier it is, the better. After letting a white base coat dry, dip a clean mascara spoolie or a brush into some red nail polish and get to splattering.

An oozy, gooey mani moment is the perfect Halloween look. To really get that shiny effect, mix matte and glossy polishes. Start with a black base and add a matte top coat. Then, draw on your blood with a regular nail polish to make it really pop.

With nails this bold, you can skip the costume. The green flame designs against a black base helps the look stand out. But for one final detail, on the tips of the nails, sponge on some additional dark polish to really tie everything together.

Looking for an easy Halloween manicure? Grab the season’s two most iconic colors and create a two-toned look that gets straight to the point.

To embrace some teenage dirtbag energy, bring back a little gothic action with this mani. The matte black nails set the tone, while adding jewels to an accent nail sets it apart from the rest. Adding a chain is an option–or is it really?

Going as a siren this year? This delicate, golden manicure is the perfect balance of classy and spooky. You can keep it minimal by adding golden accents to a black manicure, or you can go for the gold (literally) by adding intricate tips to accent nails.

The devil is in the details–and on your hands. This manicure is a cute way to show your devilish spirit this Halloween. Keep most of your nails classic with red nail polish. Then, on two nails, add this guy.

We get it, you might not have time for intricate nail art. If you still want to use your hands express your joy for the spooky season, keep it super simple with an all-black manicure.

These little guys are almost too cute to be scary. Start with a black manicure. After it dries, paint on these white ghosts–along with their favorite catchphrase. Finally, paint on a matte top coat to complete the look.

Want to take your chances this Halloween? Start simple with a white manicure. Once it dries, draw these dice on accent fingers. It might look hard, but drawing straight lines with nail polish is actually easier than it looks. (Trust us.)

Your nails are going to get dirty eventually, so why not cut to the chase? Start by painting a dark color on the perimeter of your nails. Once they dry, grab a cotton bud and some nail polish remover and selectively clean up the edges. The messier the better!

If you took out your nose piercing for your corporate job, bring it back for your Halloween nails. Cheat some length with super-long press-ons. Then, either use a nail drill or a sharp object to carefully–carefully–poke a hole in the nail. Adorn with jewelry and you are good to go.

There are too many good Halloween icons to choose from. Let each nail rep a different one. From spiders to pumpkins and fluttering bats, this nail art look is perfectly on theme.

To upgrade your classic black manicure, keep some negative space. Using a thin piece of tape, tape a strip in the center of your nails. Then, paint the entire nail–tape included–with black polish. Finish up with a matte top coat, and when it dries, peel off the tape. The result is too cool to be true.

An accent nail with our favorite spooky kitten? Say no more. Begin with a sparkly black manicure, finished off with a matte top coat. Then, on two lucky nails, give them a bright yellow coat. Then draw on your favorite black kitty.

Horror movie buffs would kill for this murderer-themed mani. Paint your favorite big-screen menace onto sharp stiletto nails for a truly terrifying Halloween treat.

Design by @fingerbangportland

Carrie, is that you?! If you’re dressing up as the blood-drenched teen queen, match your costume to your nails with this ruby red set. To create this look, use a foil base with red glass gel for a slick and sinister finish.

Design by @asabree

Spinning this web may look difficult, but this nail design is all about simple white lines. Apply a glittery base coat, then use a thin brush to create the web effect. Want some extra pop? Add a rhinestone to the center.

Design by @naominailsnyc

Coffin nails, literally. Carefully shape your nails with a nail file, then apply a matte black nail polish. Wait for the polish to dry, then add gold accents and lines. Finish off with a clear top coat.

Design by @nail_unistella

Dia de los Muertos face paint has been used to death, so why not try it as a nail design? Start with a white matte base color and use a detail brush to create tiny skeletons and flowers.

Design by @lenareitz

Black cats are bad luck, but your nails should be safe (as referenced above!). Apply a nude base coat and wait to dry. Using a black polish, paint half moons on the side of your nails. Then go in with a detail brush to paint ears, whiskers, and eyes. Boom!

Design by @lenareitz

If nails could kill! Paint sharp silver knives onto clear stiletto nails for a murder-worthy mani. Bonus points if you wield your own costume knife.

Design by @nailsbymei

Patiently awaiting the next full moon? From waxing crescent to waning gibbous, the phases of this moon mani will help you count down the days until you transform into a werewolf.

Design by @aliciatnails

For chic and understated Halloween nails, try this minimalist half moon manicure. Not only will it look appropriate for the holiday, but also for the start of November.

Design by @theeditorialnail

Create a ghostly apparition on your nails using the always-creative marbling technique. Lean into the Halloween theme with a pumpkin orange base color.

Design by @jinsoon

Candy corn, but make it fashion. Using traditional candy corn colors, paint abstract lines and graphic shapes for a festive yet chic nail look.

Design by @paintboxnails

Go all in with your nail art and create a different design for each finger. From extraterrestrial aliens to scary skeletons, the possibilities are endless.

Design by @hannahroxit

A spooky twist on the half moon manicure. Use negative space to create ghost shapes and a ballpoint nail tool for detailing.

Design by @cassmariebeauty

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

Channel Tim Burton and the iconic Beetlejuice suit with black and white stripes. The pattern can be overwhelming, so try it as an accent nail on the ring and pointer fingers, as pictured.

Design by @nataliepavloskinails

Ombre manis are still alive and well, so why not try the trend for Halloween? Use pastel colors for a softer effect.

Design by @troudelapin

Halloween’s favorite candy is also your new favorite nail design, and we can’t get enough. File your nails with an almond shape and create a gradient to mimic candy corn.

Design by @coyarose

For nail artists with serious painting skills, try this spooky and detailed design featuring cobwebs and candles. If you’re a beginner, you may want to enlist some help from a professional on this one (no offense!).

Design by @coyarose

Blink and you’ll miss this subtle monster nail design. Eyeballs and sharp teeth are hidden among abstract shapes and bright colors for an optical illusion effect.

Design by @cassmariebeauty

Embrace your inner mermaid with this glittery mani. Start with a shiny teal polish and create scales by painting small half circles.

Design by @hannahroxit

These slime claws and cobwebs are perfect for Halloween. Start by painting your nails a lime green and bright yellow nail color. Then begin creating your unique spider webs, along with the spider, of course.

Design by @nailedwithlove

Aren’t these claws spooktacular? (Sorry, had to.) File your nail in a short stiletto shape. On one hand, begin to ombre your nail from natural blush color to white. On the opposite hand, ombre from a natural blush color to black. Finally, add a white and black crescent moon to finish the look.

Design by @ukiyo_nails

When in doubt, bloody nails are the way to go this spooky season. Begin by filing your nails into an almond shape. Then design your nails by mimicking red blood droplets that flow down your fingernails with red nail polish. To add a bit of flavor, create a red heart droplet on two fingernails of choice.

Design by @witchfacenails

These ghost nails put the “boo” in “boo-tiful.” Carefully file your nails in almond shape. Then, apply a natural base color and begin to design a mini ghost on each nail.

Design by @xclusivenails

Do you like scary movies? Get ready to scream for these bloody Mr. Ghostface nails. Start with coffin-shaped nails, then begin to apply matte black nail polish for the base. Add red nail art for the bloody effect, and begin to design half of Mr. Ghostface on the index fingers.

Design by @nailsbymonica

These stiletto alien nails are simply too cute for this world. First, shape your nails accordingly, then and apply fuchsia nail color as a base. Next, add lime green nail designs along with the face of a lime green alien to your index fingers. A look!

Design by @nailedwithlove

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