27 Package-Free Must Haves You Can Find at Nordstrom and Feel Good About Buying


One of our favorite things about shopping at Nordstrom is its fun pop-in shops that it hosts every so often featuring fun products and cool new brands. Just in time for Earth Day, its newest shop is all about sustainability. The department store teamed up with Package Free, a one-stop shop that carries everyday items that, well, you guessed it, are free of extra packaging that creates excess trash.

If you’re ready to swap out some stuff in your home for more eco-friendly choices, then you’re in the right place. The new shop includes everything from beauty products to candles and even puzzles. Not only are they cool, but they’ll have you feeling better about what you’re putting back out into the world. This pop-in shop is only on Nordstrom’s site until May 9, so keep reading to shop a few of our favorite things before they sell out.

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