20 Feed-in Braid Styles We Bookmarked on Instagram


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Similar to their popular sister style box braids, feed-in braids are quickly taking over your IG feed as everyone’s preferred protective style. This styling method earned it’s moniker due to the method of “feeding-in” pieces of hair to the main braid to gradually grow in size—all while maintaining a more natural look at the hairline (especially when using synthetic braiding hair). Another pro? Since your braid size gradually scales, it protects your edges from excessive tension from too heavy extensions. Here are 20 styles worthy of showing your stylist or trying them out yourself.

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Blonde Babe

Channel your inner 2000s vixen by opting for icy blonde braids a la model Tiana Parker.


Curly Sue

For a vacation-friendly option, switch up your feed-in braids by bringing them to the halfway point of your head and adding curly extensions.


Heart to Heart

Would you rather wear your heart on your sleeve, or on the sides o your head?


Passion Braids

Passion twists were all the rage in 2020. Update the classic hairstyle by letting your feed-in braids fall into fluffy passion twists.


Half-Up, Half-Down

An updated version of the half-u, half-down you wore during your youth. This time, beads are optional.


Bantu Knots

Straight-backs can become boring after a while. Show them who the true main character is by adding Bantu knots for a retro touch.


Middle Ground

This multi-layered look comes together with an unexpected middle braid perfectly accented with a silver ring.


Girl with the Pearl Headband

Add a touch of formalness to your feed-in braids by reaching for a regal headband, like this pearl one seen on Gabrielle Union.


No Direction, All Details

RihRih can do no wrong, which is why her zig zag braids so work well— especially if you can’t decide on a specific style.


Start Small

Get into the details people! These intricate stitch braids can be achieved both on natural hair or with extensions as needed.


Rainbow Bright

Think outside the box and reach for colorful braiding hair. Due to the technique, feed-in braids can blend in colors much better than traditional cornrows.


Pony with a Twist

Start off with feed-in braids and end with a twist? Why not. This style is a whole MOOD, ok?!


Mo’ Betta Blues

Here’s a hack: if you aren’t in the mood to sit in the braiding salon for a bit, opt for a wig instead. Surprisingly, Megan Thee Stallion’s icy blue braids look pretty natural.


Beaded Beauty

Even though feed-in braids are stunning on their own, adding touches like beads truly make this look P-O-P.


Hint of Pink

Wear your crown queen! Loving this look for our next tropical beach getaway.


Talking Textures

Blend together various types of hair and braids for a show-stopping finish. Also, we see that killer highlight sis!


Pony of Your Dreams

Decisions, decisions…guess what? With this creative ponytail you can do it all —and look great doing it.


Seeing Double

The braiding skills are damn near impeccable here. So nice, we had to show it twice.


Baby, Your A Star!

C’mon talent! Between the super clean technique, bun details, and oh, a whole a** star…you’ll 100% be the talk of the town.


Pattern Play

Started from the middle now we here! This clean look is sleek AF and summer-approved.

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