19 Calm-Inducing Products From Target So You Get a Better Night’s Sleep This Spring

If you’ve ever struggled to fall asleep (or stay asleep), you’re definitely not alone. In fact, even aiming for a standard eight hours can mean you often fall short. Add in the negative ways the pandemic has affected our sleep patterns, and you likely found yourself getting less shut-eye than ever over the past year. Then, while daylight saving time brings more daylight (yay!), it may also bring on major grogginess, too (boo!). All of those things added up can leave you lying awake in bed for hours (possibly even reading this on your phone as you do so).

Now, there’s never a bad time to get better sleep, but there’s no better time than the present, so we hand-picked 19 products at Target to help you rest easy. From melatonin patches to essential oils galore, see the items to bring on sweet dreams this spring and hopefully let you say goodnight to insomnia once and for all.

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