17 Interior Design Hacks from Amazon That Will Spruce Up Your Space in 2021

We’ve all been stuck inside for a hot minute now, and I don’t know about you but all this at-home time has me wanting a an interior makeover. And since HGTV isn’t returning my calls right now, I’m left to my own devices here. It’s fine. We’ve managed to pin down some of the best accent décor pieces off Amazon that will surely transform your (also: my) space in spring 2021.

The best part about these interior design hacks off Amazon is that some of them are total dupes for more expensive pieces you might find at your other fave places to shop. So, let’s take advantage of the Amazon décor selects that will revamp your space, no questions asked.


Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser



We love a good smell, which is exactly why we also love this stylish ceramic oil diffuser. Not to mention, the tan color is neutral enough to fit almost any aesthetic. 


Marble Wireless Charging Stone

Sorry, bb. Your old phone charging pad has to go. Level up with a stunning marble charging stone, which is available in a variety of stone colors and designs.


Cement Planters with Ferns

The Bloom Times


If you enjoy the look of plants but aren’t necessarily blessed with a Green Thumb, this cute trio of ferns is a perfect alternative to scatter around your space. 


Gold Metal Trays (4-Pack)

A 4-pack of these handy bad boys is all you’ll need because, believe it or not, they’re super versatile. Put one by the front door to catch your keys and spare change, set one by the sink to hold soap, or pop one on your dresser as a place to stash jewelry. The options are endless.


Terrazzo Coaster Set

Terrazzo is super trendy these days. Don’t believe us? Fine! These are *still* cute. Bonus: this nifty coaster set also boasts cork bottoms, so they won’t slide across the tabletop.


Foldable Gold Accent Table with Tray Top

Kate and Laurel


Whoever says foldable side tables can’t be stylish clearly has never met this chic foldable accent table. The elegant accent piece is available in black, silver, gold, or bronze.


Macrame Wall Tapestry

Flber Outlet


If you’re looking for something uniquely stylish to don your walls, look no further than a macrame wall tapestry. This one features gradient-dyed fibers to add a dramatic contrast of colors.


Barlow Bar Table

CosmoLiving by Cosmopolitan


$209.99 (19% off)

If you want to wow your friends with a super chic entryway setup, may we suggest this sleek gold accented table? Flex your decorating muscles when you cover this bar unit with plants, wine (duh), and all your best coffee table books.


Levitating Bonsai Pot

Treat your guests to a Vegas magic show right in your own home with this levitating plant. The set-up utilizes magnets to create the floating illusion. *pause for your mind to be blown*


White Ceramic Vase



This adorable ceramic vase is available in a few different designs, but all of them include the painted face. TBH, these look handmade, which makes them feel a lot more expensive than they actually are… what’s not to love about that?!


Wine Cork Holder Art Wall Décor

House Vines


As if you really needed an excuse to finish a bottle of wine these days, this mountable metal monogram décor holder gives you a place to collect your corks. And, yes. It’s available in every letter.


Led Color-Changing Light

Philips Hue


Always remember that it’s all about the lighting when you’re trying to set a vibe. We know that LED color-changing strip lights are super trendy right now but try for this alternative, which showcases various colors in a tabletop ready display.


Boho Moon Wall Decor

This boho hanging accent piece features the various phases of the moon and boasts a metallic sheen that is v, v eye-catching.


Vinyl Record Wall Mount


Vinyl record covers are a work of art in and of themselves, so why not show-off your collection by mounting a few on the wall with these clear acrylic vinyl wall mounts.


Contemporary Decorative Blanket Ladder

Blanket ladders are really popular right now and for a good reason! Are they practical? Yep. Do they look pretty dang cool? You betcha. We like this iron and wood ladder because it can go with any style, from farmhouse to boho chic.


Flameless LED Candles

Yinuo Candle


This trio of battery-operated, smoke glass candles = mood vibes 24/7.


Ceramic Body Flower Vase

Looking for a unique vase that will be sure to catch anyone’s attention? We’ve got your back with this ceramic flower vase. Literally. Yep.

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