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We recently did a roundup of some of the best sex toys on Amazon for less than $20 — and since it was so popular, we figured why not challenge ourselves and try to find some of the best toys for half that price? Turns out, there are some great vibrator and sex toy options for less than the price of a burrito or cocktail if you know where to look. Once again, we turned to Amazon’s trusty reviews and best seller lists to try to investigate and narrow down the top picks.

Now, caveat: we’re big believers that you get what you pay for when it comes to sex toys — and for a quality, brand-name, rechargeable, and waterproof toy from a legit sex toy retailer, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50-$70 on the low end. All this to say, that while the sex toys under $20 had some damn-near 5-star reviews, the reviews on these toys tended to be lower as a whole, which makes sense. But for $10, it might be worth gambling with a high-3-star product just to see! In a worst case scenario, you’d only be out $10.

Another important thing to keep in mind: a lot of sex toys and vibrators these days are made with silicone, which means you can’t use a silicone or oil-based (that includes coconut oil, unfortch) lube with them. Silicone or oil-based lube formulas may damage the silicone on the toy, so you’ll want to use water-based lube only. Thankfully, water-based lubes are also available on Amazon and aren’t supes-expensive. We recommend Shibari’s Water-Based Lubricant formula, as it’s not only very affordable at $9 for a huge bottle, it’s also a very popular best seller that has stood the test of time. It’s been a best seller or close to Amazon’s top selling lube for over six years! Six freaking years!

Here are some of the best vibrator and sex toy picks you can find on Amazon for under ten bucks:

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Bullet Vibrator with Bunny Ear

Secret Lover


This waterproof and rechargeable mini-Rabbit has ten modes and a near-perfect 4.9-star review rating over 19 reviews. It’s smaller than a regular Rabbit, but still has two independent motors for power. 


Clitoral Bullet Vibrator

The first of many bullets on this list, this waterproof and rechargeable bullet has a 4.3-star rating over 185 reviews. It has a whopping 19 vibration modes and features an angled tip for precise stimulation. As for the power, one reviewer says it’s so strong, that they don’t even need to turn it up past the lowest setting. Not too shabby for ten bucks. 


Pink Bullet Vibrator with 10 Modes

If you prefer something pink, this waterproof and rechargeable bullet has ten modes and is even more affordable at just $7. The product description also says it’s quieter than 30 dB, which according to Google, is less than the sound of being in a library. 


Multi-Speed Vibrator, Purple, 7 Inch

For the non-bullet crowd, this seven-inch vibrator is waterproof, uses two AA batteries, and features a customizable twist control for vibration intensity. It’s made by the same company behind that best-selling lube we talked about earlier, and has a 4-star rating over 1,309 reviews, making it one of the most-reviewed toys in this price range. It’s also made of ABS plastic, which is safe to use with any and all lube formulas including oil and silicone-based.  


Dr. Laura Berman Athena Waterproof Mini Massager



This waterproof mini-massager comes with four differently textured soft tips for a variety of sensations. It’s pocket-sized for convenience at four inches and runs on a single AAA battery (included!)


Rechargeable Lipstick Mini Clitoral Vibrator

cob Come On Baby


This bullet vibrator looks suspiciously like my MVP We-Vibe Tango, with its ABS plastic casing and angled tip. There’s ten modes, and it’s rechargeable and waterproof. Like the We-Vibe Tango, some reviewers say it’s also stronger than you’d think for its size, but since it’s only got a low 3-stars, I’m gonna assume it’s not an exact dupe for the beloved Tango. 


Orchid Luxury 7-Speed Vibrator, Pink

Another toy by Shibari, the Orchid is a silicone, rechargeable, waterproof (though some reviewers say this isn’t true, so buy at your own discretion), and curved toy for internal stimulation. This vibrator has seven modes and is one of the larger toys in this price range. Other colors of the Orchid range from $15-25 bucks, so it seems like this pink one is the only one on sale. 


Bullet Vibrator with 10 Modes

Yet another plain black bullet, this one has ten modes and is also waterproof and rechargeable. It’s only $7, so if you’d rather save $2 from the Adorime bullet above, this one would be a good alternative. It’s got a 4.1-star review over 15 ratings. 


White Bullet Vibrator

If you prefer a white bullet vibe, this Phanxy bullet has a very impressive 4.4-star rating over 195 reviews. It seems like it’s a bit wider than most bullets, but considering how powerful reviewers say it is, that might be to compensate for hiding a monster motor, which we support. This vibe is waterproof, rechargeable, and has ten vibration modes.


VIBIO AIR Suction Clitoral Vibrator Massager

The $6 price of this suction toy seems like it’s too good to be true, and according to reviewers of this 3.4-star rated sex toy, it might be. This toy runs on two AAA batteries (not included) and is made of ABS plastic with a silicone tip. While most toys that use suction like this to simulate oral sex range from $40-200, at $6, it’s pretty tempting to not at least try it out? I mean hey, I have all the $200 suction sex toys I could ever want, but even I’m curious when it’s six bucks. 


Kissbaby Personal Vibrator Massager



This rechargeable and waterproof mini-wand has 27 modes and has a slightly curved handle to help with maneuverability. Bear in mind, this toy has legit zero reviews, but I’m gonna give them the benefit of the doubt because the brand’s one other sex toy (a vibrating kegel ball set that retails for $36is highly-rated with 4.6-stars over 15 reviews. Maybe this one is just a new toy no one has gotten around to reviewing yet! Who knows! For $10, it might be a gamble worth taking.


Waterproof 10 Speed Vibrator and Finger Sleeve

You get two toys for $7, which is a pretty good deal. First up is a ten-speed, waterproof bullet vibe that runs on a AAA battery (not included), and the second is a textured silicone finger sleeve for clitoral stimulation. You can use the finger sleeve separately, or slip it over the bullet for even more sensation. 


Vibrating Teal Bullet

Pure Love


This metallic bullet has three speeds, is waterproof, and runs on one AAA battery (not included). It’s made of ABS plastic, and has a 4.1-star rating over 347 reviews. 


Personal Massager

This toy looks way more expensive than the $7 price tag with its pink silicone body and rose gold detailing. This rechargeable, waterproof toy uses a teeny-tiny high-frequency tip for precision stimulation and has three speeds and five vibration modes. 


Lipstick Vibrator

Touched Love


If you’re looking for something that’s discreet, this realistic-looking lipstick vibrator is waterproof, rechargeable, and has ten modes. The “lipstick” tip is actually made of soft silicone, making it nice and flexible. It’s only got two reviews so far, but hey, they’re both five stars. 


Lynx Tickler Vibe

The bulbous tip and design of this internal toy seems very similar to the Lovehoney G-Slim (which is $20 with a much more comforting 4.5-star rating over 536 reviews). This $8 plastic toy doesn’t offer much in product details and the most recent reviews seem to indicate the quality isn’t great, but for the price, it’s up to you! 

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